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Historic Commission (View All)

Historic Commission Meeting

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Meeting Minutes
October 8, 2014
Community Development/Engineering Services Building – 51 Winburn Way – Siskiyou Room
REGULAR MEETING - CALL TO ORDER, 6:02p.m. – SISKIYOU ROOM in the Community Development/Engineering Services Building, located at 51 Winburn Way
Historic Commissioners Present:  Mr. Skibby, Mr. Swink, Mr. Emery, Ms. Renwick,       Mr.Whitford, Mr. Giordano
Commission Members Absent:  Ms. KenCairn (U), Mr. Shostrom(E)
Council Liaison:  Mike Morris, Absent
Staff Present: Staff Liaison: Amy Gunter, Clerk: Regan Trapp
APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Historic Commission regular meeting of August 6, 2014.  Mr. Skibby motioned that minutes be approved  from August 6, 2014 and Ms. Renwick seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.
PUBLIC FORUM:    There was no one wishing to speak.
COUNCIL LIAISON REPORT:  No report was given
PLANNING ACTION REVIEW/PUBLIC HEARING:  There were no planning actions for review.
OLD BUSINESS:  There was no old business to discuss.

A.  Review Board Schedule
Oct 9th Dale, Allison, Sam, Bill
Oct 16th Tom, Sam, Dale
Oct 23rd Terry, Bill
Oct 30th Terry, Sam, Allison
Nov 6th Keith, Bill, Dale
B.  Project Assignments for Planning Actions
PA-2014-01388 107 Fork St. Emery
PA-2014-01126 345 Lithia Way-Gas station conversion to retail/restaurant Giordano
PA-2014-00725 121 Manzanita-Under construction Whitford
PA-2014-00725 469 Allison-Under construction Swink
PA-2014-00710/711 143/135 Nutley Swink and Whitford
PA-2014-01283 172 Skidmore Shostrom
BD-2013-00256 175 Lithia Way – Under construction Giordano
BD-2013-00718 5 B Street – Under construction/ almost done Not assigned
PA-2014-00251 30 S. First St. – No new permits issued Whitford
PA-2014-00491 566 Fairview St.  – Under construction/almost done Shostrom
BD-2013-00813 374 Hargadine – Under construction/almost done Swink
PA-2013-01388 14Calle Guanajuato(Sandlers)Restaurant-Under construction Renwick
PA-2013-01421 270 N. First St.(Nisha Jackson)- Building permits issued Renwick
PA-2013-01829 60 Alida St. (Lieberman) - Complete Shostrom
PA-2013-01828 310 Oak St. (Thompson) – No new permits issued Shostrom
C. Heritage Barn Workshop.  Mr. Giordano spoke in detail about this workshop and said he was impressed with Washington State’s progress on restoring old barns.
D.  CLG Training review Mr. Skibby attended the CLG training and said that we are recognizing the standards well when it comes to the grant.  We had the highest attendance from our commission at this conference with 5 of our members attending.  He suggested we post the award received on the website.

E.  Welcome, Bill Emery, the newest Historic Commissioner appointed on September 2, 2014.
A.  Lithia Way & First Street, pre-application submittal.
Ms. Gunter opened by discussing the Plaza Central pre-appication proposal in detail, and provided the commission with the downtown design standards for further discussion.  She stated there are some concerns with this project, such as, the First street building, having no real defined base and different windows.  She stated that staff felt it looks like it could be two different types of buildings connected as one.  Mr. Severson, planner on this project, spoke about the specific details.  Mr. Severson spoke about the pre-application and stated that most of the site issues have been addressed.  Mr. Severson said that the applicants want to address the design standards now, before the project goes any further.  Mark Knox, of Urban Development services, spoke about the project in detail, saying that their intent is to make it look like two different buildings.   Mr. Knox stated that the idea is to attack both projects at one time and be finished and complete within 2 yrs.  Jerome White, architect, spoke about the specific project details and design of the building.  Mr. White said they are being consistent with the downtown design standards.  Mr. Knox said that they are asking for an exception on the windows from the design standards.  Mr. White stated examples where the windows are triple wide and said in order to simplify the look they have to build it this way.  Mr White also spoke about the issue of the livability of the space and there being only a few windows per living space.  Mr. White talked about the types of materials being used and stated that they are still in the early stages but are favorable to the red brick with stucco look. He stated that the decks will hardly be seen and there is a possibility of using “accordion type” windows that could be opened to make a covered deck.  It wouldn’t compromise the interior space and would comply with the design standards to have decks that don’t distract, but provide livability for tenants.  Mr. White talked about the color of the building being more of and off white, like City Hall, not a bright white. The Commission agreed that it’s moving in the right direction and like the project as a whole.   Mr. Skibby said that the project isn’t over done at all and Ms. Renwick loves the inset balconies.  Mr. Swink likes the simplicity of the building and said it adds interest to the street scape.  Mr. Whitford likes the concept and thinks they are doing a first class job.  Mr. Knox said they are submitting in Nov and will come back with more design details and brick details as well.  Mr. Severson asked opinions from the Commission on the accordion windows and the full floor base.  Mr. Skibby said that it depends on the detailing but thinks it would work and said the bi-fold doors that open in sound like a good idea.   The “accordion  type” windows are well liked by the Commission.   Mr. Emery asked about the width of the windows and Mr. White stated they are pretty thin and there will not be any mullion at all.  Mr. Emery asked about the divided lights in the windows and Mr. White said they haven’t made a decision yet.
 Steve Ennis, architect, discussed the pre-application for the Plaza North building on taxlots 10104 and 10105, in depth.  The applicants propose to consolidate the lots and obtain a site review permit to construct a three-story 9,628 square foot building.  Mr. White explained that the building has a very strong base and that some of the materials being used are red brick and split faced block, with stucco on the rest of the building.   Mr. Ennis said they have not decided on the dimensions of the wood windows or what the material of the headers would be as of yet. Mr. Skibby said that the design meshes well with Plaza Central and Mr. Giordano likes the massing but would like more information on the specific materials being used.  He suggested they come back with further details on the trim, windows, and the corners of the building.  Mr. Ennis said that they would like an exception to the design standard for the windows on this building as well.  The commission agreed that the project so far looks good but need more details. Mr. Swink said that the stepping down works really well and dictates the design and they have brought this project together very nicely.  Mr. Emery said it’s a really good example of contemporary, yet complimentary design. 
Mr. Giordano and Ms. Gunter attended a Main St. historic preservation conference in McMinville, Oregon a few weeks ago.  Mr. Giordano gave out informational pamphlets and Ms. Gunter discussed the event in detail. 
Next meeting is scheduled for Nov 5, 2014, 6:00 pm.
There being no other items to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 8:04 pm.
Respectfully submitted by Regan Trapp

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