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Agendas and Minutes

Historic Commission (View All)

Regular Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, April 05, 2000

April 5, 2000



At 7:35 p.m., Chairperson Jim Lewis called the meeting to order at the Community Center. Members present were Terry Skibby, Jim Lewis, Dale Shostrom, Joan Steele, Vava Bailey, Keith Chambers, Kay Maser, Jay Leighton and Gary Foll. Also present were Associate Planner Mark Knox and Secretary Sonja Akerman. Jay Leighton was appointed by the Mayor at the April 4 City Council meeting to replace Curt Anderson.


Maser pointed out that on page 3 of the March 8, 2000 minutes in the second paragraph, manor should be changed to manner. Also on the same page in the eighth paragraph, insulted should be changed to insulated. Shostrom then moved to approve the minutes as corrected. Steele seconded the motion and it was unanimously passed.


Planning Action 2000-038
Conditional Use Permit and Site Review
361 Scenic Drive
James and Robynne Whitaker

Shostrom declared he is the designer for this project; therefore, he sat in the audience.

Knox reported the applicants are proposing to build a 576 square foot accessory residential unit above a two-car garage. The existing garage/shed is non-conforming so it will be removed and replaced with the proposed structure, which will comply with current setback requirements. Knox explained this property is a shotgun lot, which means it is located between two streets - in this case Scenic Drive and Alta Street. One parking space will be located on Scenic and one will be on Alta. The other two are provided in the garage. Knox noted Alta Street will be paved this summer. The building design is compatible with the existing house and the materials will match.

Bailey commented the new building would be taller than the house. Knox, however, pointed out it will be excavated three feet. Chambers noted he had been invited to walk in the back yard with the owner and agreed it will be higher, but since the surrounding buildings are mostly two-story and vertical in nature, it will be compatible.

Steele moved to recommend approval of this planning action and Foll seconded the motion. In discussing this, the Commission asked Shostrom to clarify questions on height and materials. He responded by stating the existing house is set back 25 feet from the street. It is a Craftsman style with a gable roof and is almost three stories high. The roof on the new structure will be hipped to match the house with a 7 x 12 pitch and will face back. While it will be two feet higher than the house, it will look more like one and one-half stories because the ground floor will be dug in three feet. From Alta Street, it will look like a single story. The first story will be cement stucco and the roofing material will be architectural composition shingles. Although she is not against this proposal, Bailey commented she would not want to set precedence with this approval for accessory units above garages. All members voted aye except Shostrom, who abstained.


Permits reviewed by members of the Historic Commission and issued during the month of March follow:

713 Church Street

Warren and Sheila Straus

Porch Addition

131 East Main Street

One World

ADA Bathroom

6 Beach Avenue

Diane Amick

Parking/Retaining Wall

300 North Pioneer Street

Erik Wallbank

Interior Remodel

159 North Main Street

Jon and Carmen Reinhardt


63 Gresham Street

Priscilla Shore

Retaining Wall

91 Gresham Street

Rick and Debra Barth


41 North Main Street

Dave Lewis

Grill/Service Window

84 Alida Street

Keith MacLaren

Garage Remodel/Conversion

237 North First Street

Ashland Community Food Store

Roof Remodel

155 Strawberry Lane

Ben Stott



Review Board

Following is the April schedule for the Review Board, which meets every Thursday from 3:00 to at least 3:30 p.m. in the Planning Department:

April 6th

Skibby, Steele, Leighton and Lewis

April 13th

Skibby, Steele, Foll and Bailey

April 20th

Skibby, Maser, Leighton and Foll

April 27th

Skibby (birthday), Chambers, Maser and Lewis

Project Assignments for Planning Actions

PA# 96-086

685 "A" Street


PA# 97-018

661 "B" Street


PA# 98-039

Holly Street

Steele and Lewis

PA# 98-045

122 Church Street


PA# 98-047

Between 548 & 628 North Main Street


PA# 99-020

525 "A" Street


PA# 99-062

Van Ness Avenue


PA# 99-102

141 Lithia Way


PA# 99-108

340 Oak Street


PA #2000-038

361 Scenic Drive


National Historic Preservation Week

All members were encouraged to participate in the events. Judging will take place at the May 3rd meeting.

Second Annual Open House

The second annual open house to honor all City volunteers will be held on April 13 from 4:00-6:00 p.m. All members are encouraged to attend.


199 Granite Street Addition

Designer Milo Shubat met with the Commission in order to get feedback on an addition he is designing on the corner of Granite and Nutley Streets. After discussing different designs, the Commission's consensus was for Shubat to try hipping the roof, reorienting the addition, getting rid of the entry so it doesn't look like a duplex, making the breezeway several feet wider, and staying with the post-war look of the original house. The Commission appreciated Shubat's time and effort he had put into the different designs and thanked him for coming to the meeting.

Ashland Downtown Walking Tour

Leighton informed the Commission SOHS would be reprinting the Ashland Downtown Walking Tour this fall. She asked that the members let her know of any corrections that need to be made.


It was the unanimous decision of the Commission to adjourn the meeting at 9:31 p.m.

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