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Agendas and Minutes

Historic Commission (View All)

Historic Commission Regular Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, December 07, 2005



December 7, 2005


Community Development/Engineering Services Building – 51 Winburn Way – Siskiyou Room


Historic Commissioners Present: Dale Shostrom, Keith Swink, Sam Whitford, Terry Skibby, Jay Leighton, Allen Crutcher, Tom Giordano, and Henry Baker
Absent Members:  Rob Saladoff

Council Liaison: Jack Hardesty - Absent

High School Liaison: None Appointed
SOU Liaison: None Appointed
Staff Present: Maria Harris, Senior Planner, Billie Boswell, Administration




At 7:05, Chairman Dale Shostrom called the regular meeting to order.





Mr. Baker pointed out two grammatical errors.  Ms. Leighton made a motion to approve the minutes as amended and it was seconded by Mr. Swink.  The motion passed unanimously.


PUBLIC FORUM:  No speakers




Planning Action 2005-01674

Site Review - Reconsideration

Ron & Carrie Yamaoka

11 First Street


Mr. Giordano recused himself and left the room since he worked on the project.


Ms. Harris explained that the Planning Commission continued the planning action at its November 8th meeting and directed the applicant to work with the Historic Commission in regards to the recommendations from the November 2nd Historic Commission meeting. A revised set of site plans, front elevation, alley elevation and west elevation were submitted.


Staff had concerns about the two differing site plans “Addendum B” and “Addendum B Alternate” that were submitted.  “Addendum B Alternate” shows a six-inch planter that intrudes into the sidewalk area creating a jog in the pathway and generating a possible trip hazard.  Staff recommends approval of site plan “Addendum B”.


The applicant, Bill Emerson, 90 Fifth Street, explained the differences in the two site plans are reflective of the need to meet ADA ramp standards for the slope.  “Addendum B Alternate” provides a level area at the alley that also flows into the outdoor seating area.  “Addendum B” slopes all the way to the alley and limits access to the seating area by a person in a wheelchair.


Mr. Crutcher asked about the two-foot scoring design on the sidewalk.  Mr. Emerson thought the design was City Standard.


There being no further questions of the applicant and no one in audience, the public meeting was closed.




Mr. Skibby liked the new design including the vertical lines on the facade that were compatible with other buildings in the immediate area and the commercial-style windows in the front façade. 


Ms. Leighton thought the revised design was well done in spite of trying to conform around the awkward regulations.


Chairman Shostrom asked if the Commissioners wanted to encourage outdoor eating areas.  Ms. Leighton felt that outdoor public spaces are important design standards.


A short discussion followed regarding the Commission’s support of new buildings built to mimic old, historic buildings.  Mr. Swink felt quality of the design and the materials made a difference.  Mr. Skibby stated he would not support a detailed reproduction of a historic building.


Chairman Shostrom asked the Commissioners their opinion of the two sidewalk designs shown on Site Plan Addendum B and Site Plan Addendum B Alternate.  Ms. Leighton and Mr. Swink both felt “Addendum B” to be more historic in design.  They also encouraged the sidewalk scoring design to remain at five feet.



Mr. Skibby moved to recommend approval of the current design.  It was seconded by Mr. Baker. 


Chairman Shostrom was concerned about the planters and their potential trip hazard. He also requested specific details and relief of the building be brought back before the full Commission.


Mr. Skibby and Mr. Baker amended their motion to recommend approval of the new design with the following conditions:


·         Approve façade change, and recognize it is well done given the need to conform to the vision clearance standard.

·         Recommend sidewalk design on Plan B (not Alternate Plan B) because it is more consistent with simple historic style in the downtown. 

·         Scored concrete should match city standard or what is prevalent on sidewalk on either side of the site.

·         Concern about low 6t” planter walls (i.e. near light pole and alley) as potential safety obstructions and not being typical of downtown.

·         Eliminate planters on in entry alcove wrapping around front façade, and replace with concrete.  Suggest container plants at entry. 

·         Submit scaled drawings of architectural details and materials for cornice, arch work, casements, relief of building, changes in planters and brick for review and approval of the full Historic Commission prior to submission of the building plans.


The motion was approved by the majority with Chairman Shostrom voting against it.


Chairman Shostrom stated for the record that he still feels the building design is too imitative and presents a false sense of historic style.





145 East Main Street

SERA Architects – Greg Flenders and Mark Knox

Pre-Application comments on proposal for a Mixed-Use Development


Harris stated that there had been a miscommunication, and staff had understood that the applicant wanted to continue the informal review of the proposal to the meeting tonight.  After the agenda was printed, the applicant’s representative informed her that they would not be attending the December meeting.





A. Review Board  Following is the month’s schedule for the Review Board, which meets every Thursday from 3:00 to at least 3:30 p.m. in the Planning Department:


December 8th

Terry, Jay, Keith

December 15th

Terry, Tom, Henry

December 22nd

Terry, Allen, Sam

December 29th

Terry, Jay, Dale, Rob

January 5th

Terry, Keith, Allen, Rob



B.  Project Assignments for Planning Actions


PA #2000-120

485 “A” Street (Steve Hoxmeier)


PA #2002-100

142 East Main Street (Earthly Goods)


PA #2004-026

81 Central Avenue (Wes & Lucinda Vail)


PA #2004-102

832 “A” Street (Ilene Rubenstein)


PA #2004-110

150 Church St (Robert M. Saladoff)


PA #2004-115

724 Iowa St (Dave and Jamie Kaufman)


PA #2004-138

234 Vista St (Sid & Karen DeBoer)


PA #2004-150

87 Fourth St (Unitarian Universal Fellowship Church)


PA #2004-154

180 Lithia Way (Archerd & Dresner)



685 A Street (William Reeves)



150 N. Pioneer (Stan Potocki & Bruce McLean)



249 Hillcrest Drive (Russell & JoAnn Manzone)



70 Water Street (Ashland Creek Holdings, LLC)



820 “C” Street (Randy & Helen Ellison)



11 First Street (Ron Yamaoka)




C.     Co-Sponsorship with Conservation Commission for Fall Workshop – No Report


D.     Lithia Springs National Register Nomination – No Report


E.     Multiple Listing Survey for National Register of Historic Places – Ms. Harris reported that the grant money was received but must be used by August 31, 2006.  She suggested that the RFP contain wording to include identifying survey methodology to complete the project in the limited amount of time.  The Commissioners all supported the recommendation.


F.      Single Family Residential Design Standards – No report


G.     Brown Bag Meeting – Need to identify meeting topic(s) and respond to City of Jacksonville





A.      Renewal of National Trust forum membership – Consensus to approve renewal.


B.     Ms. Leighton said Bill Molnar, Acting Planning Director, had asked her to participate on the interview panel to select the new planning director.  She asked for suggestions from the Historic Commission on what qualities or viewpoints were important to ascertain in the interview process of selecting the new director.  Mr. Swink said the Director would need to demonstrate support of the Historic Commission and its purpose.  Mr. Skibby felt it was important that the new Director maintain the quality of Planning Department staff.  He also suggested questions to determine what experience the candidate had in directly influencing historic preservation.  Mr. Skibby also recommended selecting a candidate with experience in dealing with public hearings and commissions.


C.     Mr. Swink reported he had contacted the Varsity Theater regarding a showing of the documentary film “Blue Vinyl” to be shown during Historic Preservation Week.  He was unable to ascertain if the theater could accommodate the DVD format of the film. Additional venues were suggested such as the Gresham Room in the Public Library or the Co-op community space.  Mr. Swink agreed to pursue that information. 

D.     Ms. Harris handed out a draft memo to the Mayor, City Council and the Planning Commission written by Mr. Giordano on behalf of the Historic Commission suggesting the Historic Commission or a new, separate Commission be formed to do “architectural review” on commercial and, possibly, all multi-family projects throughout the City in order to promote designs that are consistent and compatible with the Site Design and Use Standards of the City of Ashland. Since Mr. Giordano was not present at the meeting, the item was tabled until the next meeting.





The next Historic Commission meeting will be on January 4, 2006 at 7:00 pm in the Siskiyou Room.




With a motion by Leighton and a second by Skibby, it was the unanimous decision of the Commission to adjourn the meeting at 9:05 p.m.

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