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Agendas and Minutes

Climate Policy Commission (View All)

Climate Policy Commission Meeting

Thursday, April 08, 2021

April 8 – 4 to 6:30 PM
Via Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86056435450?pwd=dVdGYW1FRVF4Ny8wbGdDSkFGTGtrdz09
Webinar ID: 860 5643 5450
Passcode: 157159
This meeting will be recorded and uploaded to the website to accompany the minutes.
1. (4:00) Call to Order
2. Consent Agenda (5 min)
3. (4:05) Announcements (10 min)
3.1. Next Meeting: May 13, 2021
3.2. Council Update
3.4. Other Announcements from Commissioners
3.5. Reports from Representatives of Other Commissions
4. (4:15) Public Forum must be submitted via the CPC contact form in writing by 10 a.m. the day before the meeting to be included in the minutes. (10 min)
5. Old Business
5.1. (4:25) Action Items Volunteer (1 min)
5.2. (4:26) Commissioner Recruitment (1 min)
5.3. (4:27) Formal Planning - Mallette (3 min)
5.4. (4:30) Measurement - Green (20 min)
5.5. (4:50) Buildings - Natural Gas Emissions Reductions - Background - Barth (10 min)
6. New Business
6.1. (5:50) Transportation - Shaff (30 min)
6.2. (6:20) HB 2488 - Shaff (5 min)
7. (6:25) Wrap Up (5 min)

Climate Policy Commission
The Climate Policy Commission shall provide climate plan implementation process oversight and recommend updates to the CEAP in pursuit of meeting the climate recovery goals, objectives, and targets set forth in AMC Chapter 9.40.
The Climate Policy Commission shall reflect and represent a wide range of community interests and perspectives. Such interests shall include, but not be limited to, environmental, energy efficiency, renewable energy, academic, business, low income, health, communities of color, and elderly interests.
Powers and Duties 
A.  Develop recommendations for the City of Ashland’s Climate and Energy Action Plan (CEAP) and any updates to the CEAP.
B.  Recommend modifications to benchmarks, targets, or actions contained in the climate plan as needed to incorporate the best available science and practices to achieve the City of Ashland’s climate-related goals and targets.
C.  Manage a process for considering amendments and updates to the CEAP.
D.  Monitor and make recommendations on the implementation of the CEAP for the community and for City operations
E.  Periodically review progress toward achievement of the CEAP’s Greenhouse Gases (GHG) and fossil fuels reduction targets.
F.  Recommend changes in City ordinances, administrative rules, and processes that facilitate or incentivize residents and businesses to reduce GHG emissions.
G.  Work to ensure that the CEAP incorporates long-term social, economic, and environmental goals.
H.  Work to ensure that the CEAP is socially equitable for all community members including low-income, young people, persons of color, the elderly, and those living with disabilities.

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