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What is Forest Restoration?

Forest Restoration is actions to re-instate ecological processes, which accelerate recovery of forest structure, ecological functioning and biodiversity levels towards those typical of a late successional forest.  

  • Forest restoration is an inclusive process dependent on collaboration among a wide range of stakeholders including the local community in Ashland, government officials, non-government organizations, scientists and funding agencies.
  • Thinning out crowded trees helps to fund the restoration activities and protects the community from the threat of fire.  A century of fire suppression has created conditions which require tree density management.  
  • Restoring fire to the land is a key process to help forest regenerate naturally.   

The Ashland Forest Resiliency Stewardship Project is a partnership of four organizations:  The City of Ashland, Lomakatsi Restoration Project, U.S. Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest and The Nature Conservancy.   The AFR Partners are implementing a ten year stewardship project designed to reduce the risk of severe wildfire in the watershed and to protect water quality, older forests, wildlife, people, property and quality of life.

What Education Opportunities are Available?

The AFR Partners work in the community using guidance from the Community Engagement Plan.  Each partner works together to support stewardship of the Ashland Watershed through education.  

Why Controlled Burns?

Each year our fire prone region experience severe wildfires which cost millions of dollars to suppress.  AFR Partners address this challenge by working with nature to introduce low intensity controlled burns under mild conditions.




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