Fall Fire Ecology Hikes
Exploring Fire Ecology and Fire History in the Ashland Watershed
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Darren Borgias Shows Hikers 
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Ashland Forest Resiliency Partners will lead a hike of the Red Queen Trail this month. Explore the Ashland Watershed with partners from the Ashland Forest Resiliency project. Learn more about how forest restoration is conceived and implemented for the diverse habitats in Ashland’s watershed. Hikers will meet at Terrace Street then, hike up The Lower Red Queen trail. Hikers will pass through forest restoration sites on U.S. Forest Service and City of Ashland lands, including several years of prescribed burn projects closer to the city.

The Ashland Forest Resiliency partnership is a collaboration between the U.S. Forest Service, the City of Ashland, The Nature Conservancy, and Lomakatsi Restoration Project.  We have been completing a 10-year stewardship project designed to reduce the risk of severe wildfire in the Ashland Watershed to protect water quality,older forests, wildlife, people, property, and quality of life.
AGES 7 & up
DAY Friday
DATES October 19th and 26th
PLACE Terrace Street near Lower Red Queen Hiking Trail
COST FREE | Registration required 

October 19th, 2018:  Register Here
October 26th, 2018:  Register Here

Fire History Hike
How do we meet the challenge of an unprecedented fire season?

When: Saturday, September 15th from 2-4 PM
Where: Meet at The Nature Conservancy’s office at 647 Washington Street, Ashland. We will drive to 4-Corners and hike down by Coggins Saddle.

Call (541) 552-2218 to reserve a space or RSVP:
Join two of the authors and Ashland Forest resiliency partners to learn more about this new science, see the forests where the work was done, and see how fire ecology is applied to protecting the Ashland watershed. The Nature Conservancy and Ashland Forest Resiliency partners asked the trees right here in Ashland for their insights, now published in a scientific journal article.

Download the paper here:

How do you want your fire?  How do you want your smoke?
On Wednesday, November 8th, 2017 Dr. Paul Hessburg presented his research on fire prone landscapes at the SOU Science Auditorium.  Several community members came to the presentation to learn more about how we can address the threat of wildfires in and around Ashland.  If you missed the presentation, check out Dr. Hessburg's TedTalk.

The Event was sponsored by:     Ashland Chamber of Commerce, City of Ashland, Lomakatsi Restoration Project, SOU Environmental Science and Policy Program, Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network, Fire Learning Network, The Nature Conservancy, Southern Oregon Forest Restoration Collaborative and Ashland Forest Resiliency Project 





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