In a Landscape:  Classical Music in the Wild
Ashland Forest Resiliency, City of Ashland, Lomakatsi Restoration Project, The Nature Conservancy, Mt. Ashland, Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board and Travel Southern Oregon have partnered with In a Landscape non-profit to present two nights of music above the lodge on Mt. Ashland. To meet the acoustical challenges, the live classic piano music is transmitted through wireless headphones.

Before the concert begins, Belinda Brown, Chairwoman of the Inter-Tribal Ecosystem Restoration Partnership and Lomakatsi's Tribal Partnerships Manager will provide an invocation and honoring of local and global indigenous people. She is an enrolled member of the Kosealekte Band of the Ajumawi-Atsuge Nation.  

No longer confined inside or to your seat: explore the landscape, see wondrous views of the Rogue Valley and roam the forests around Mt. Ashland. 


TICKETS: July 8th (sold out, waiting list) and July 9th​ (sold out, waiting list)

WHERE: Mt. Ashland

DIRECTIONS: Traveling north or south on I-5, take Exit 6 and follow the signs 8.5 miles via the paved access road to the Ski Area parking lot, located at 11 Mt. Ashland Ski Road.

Dining options and a full bar at Mt. Ashland Lodge will be available for food/beverage purchase.


Terrain is rough and rocky. The Lodge is 300 yards from the parking lot where a small vehicle shuttle can provide assistance to the event site for those in need.

Smoking is prohibited at all times. FIRE DANGER IS VERY REAL and we acknowledge this with the utmost seriousness. Help us keep the area safe!

Dogs on leashes are allowed outside. Please pick up after your dog.

ERA OF MEGAFIRESHow do you want your fire?  How do you want your smoke? On Wednesday, November 8th, 2017 Dr. Paul Hessburg presented his research on fire prone landscapes at the SOU Science Auditorium.  Several community members came to the presentation to learn more about how we can address the threat of wildfires in and around Ashland.  If you missed the presentation, check out Dr. Hessburg's TedTalk.

The Event was sponsored by:     Ashland Chamber of Commerce, City of Ashland, Lomakatsi Restoration Project, SOU Environmental Science and Policy Program, Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network, Fire Learning Network, The Nature Conservancy, Southern Oregon Forest Restoration Collaborative and Ashland Forest Resiliency Project 




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