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Ashland Forest Resiliency accomplishments include ecological restoration of the Ashland Watershed and local economic benefits.


Local Economy

  • 17 Permanent Local Jobs in forestry
  • Over 200 people received worker training
  • Each year, Ashland Forest Resiliency generates 150 seasonal jobs



Lomakatsi Restoration Project and City of Ashland have led over 40 in-class presentations and field activities for 2,500 students from grades 3 through 12 during the 2011-2019 school years.


Forest Restoration

  • 8439 acres of pile burning and 1000 acres under-burned for total of 9439 acres
  • 615 acres of helicopter thinning accomplished for resilient forests
  • Fuel Management: 7600 acres thinned for ecological forest restoration and community fire protection
  • Protection of Old Growth Trees and Homes in the Wildland Urban Interface for 58,000 Acres




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