Videos & Images

To see pictures of the AFR project, watch a video with an overview of the project, and view a clip of the helicopter operations, see below. Additional educational videos and links are also provided below.

Controlled burning in the Ashland Watershed:  Carrying the Torch

Carrying the Torch from Ashland Forest Resiliency on Vimeo.

Watch the Ashland Forest Resiliency Stewardship Project Video Fire for Water: Forest Restoration for Ashland



Before & After Pictures
The pictures below give a snap shot of some units before and after ground based commercial thinning was completed. Small trees were selectively thinned from around large old trees, shown in the pictures below with white arrows. Reducing fuels and increasing resources available for these large old trees improves forest health and makes these "legacy trees" more likely to survive a future wildfire. 






Additional Before and After Pictures
The photos below provide a more complete picture of how smaller trees, brush, and debris were ecologically thinned around large, old trees. This "legacy tree release" reduces competition for light and reduces, creating more space in the canopy, and making more light available to the understory.  







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