Trail Information

Update 7/20/2018: 

All trails are open, however, we recommend avoiding recreation on the west side of the watershed near Wagner Butte due to poor air quality and closure order issued near the western border of the Ashland Watershed. 

Emergency Closure
See the closure order and closure map issued for Hendrix Fire.  

To receive updates on controlled burns please use the following resources:

Why We Burn
Controlled burns under the right conditions reduce the risk of severe summer wildfires and dense smoke to protect our forests, water supply, economy, and community. 

Learn More About the Ashland Forest Resiliency Project: 
AFR Blog:

NEW! The Ashland Forest Resiliency Partners created a webpage dedicated to providing the resources and information needed to protect your health during summer wildfires. The web page will tell you where to get air quality information and how to take action.




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