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About Us

The Ashland Forest Resiliency Stewardship Project (AFR) implementation and multiparty monitoring effort is led by a collaborative partnership established between the US Forest Service, the City of Ashland, Lomakatsi Restoration Project and The Nature Conservancy, with initial monitoring program support from the National Forest Foundation. The partners collaborate with faculty and students at Southern Oregon University, interested citizens, and local organizations. We encourage you to participate.
AFR Partner Contacts:
Chris Chambers
Division Chief - Forestry
(541) 552-2066
Darren Borgias
SW OR Program Director
(541) 770-7933 ext 1#
Don Boucher
AFR Project Manager
Siskiyou Mountains Ranger Ranger
Marko Bey
Director of Operations

Kerry Metlen
AFR Multi-Party
Monitoring Coordinator
The Nature Conservancy
(541) 770-7933 ext 7#




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