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It's Burn Season! We're looking for opportunities to bring fire back to our fire-adapted ecosystem each day. Please check back for daily updates.

Trails Update - 5/27/2017
UPDATE: No Candies closed from Horn Gap .5 miles north on Saturday for burn mop up. 

Trails passing into and from Four Corners are closed for public safety during helicopter tree thinning. See a list of the trail and roads to know where you can explore the watershed.  Read the official closure order from the United States Forest Service.

See a map of the closure area.  This geo-linked map can be downloaded into Avenza Maps and viewed on your mobile device when you explore the watershed.   

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Frequently Asked Questions

AFR protects large and old trees by thinning out the small
trees and shrubs to reduce density and reduce competition around large
and old trees (often 30-50 inches in diameter, with one measured at

AFR promotes and maximizes retention of "legacy" trees (large, old trees
present prior to fire exclusion-- roughly 1910). Cutting or removal
would "thin from below" to reduce stress to the larger diameter residual
trees--beginning with the smallest diameter trees, including smaller trees
that serve as ladder fuels that would allow a fire to burn into the canopy of the

largest, oldest trees.

There are a limited number of situations where a larger tree (24
inches and above) may be cut for forest health reasons or safety. If you would
like more detail or have further questions about density management,
thinning from below, and protection of legacy trees and "old growth",
please contact Chris Chambers at





Tree falling and log hauling will take place during the summer of 2012 in the No Candies/Horn Gap/Skyline Mine area. For this ground based commercial thinning operation, the log hauling is expected to be finished mid to late August, during which time the No Candies trail will remain closed.
More log hauling will take place in other areas of the watershed over the next year as part of this project, including helicopter logging, which may impact trail accessibility. We will continue to update the public as often as possible once we have actual dates for the work. 

Due to the nature of the work, there is some uncertainty for the actual date work will commence in this area. We appreciate your interest and patience during this process. Notifications will be sent out to the community as soon as log hauling has been completed in this area.

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