Irrigation during a Drought

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brown is the new green
Our parks may look a little different this summer as we prioritize where we will water and where we will not. Historically, Talent Irrigation District (TID) water is used for irrigation in our largest parks during the summer months. In 2021, TID was only available intermittently and cut off early in June.

This year could prove to be more severe than 2021 and it is feasible that TID water will not be available at all this summer. Irrigating with potable city water is not a viable option for all parks.

In order to keep expenses down and conserve water, it will be necessary to reduce irrigation in many of our parks. You can expect some of our parks to look different this summer.

Please bear with us as we navigate this drought. We will do our best conserve water while continuing to provide outdoor recreation spaces.

Brown is the new green!

View the Water Priority List for Summer 2022

Irrigated park areas have been prioritized with the assumption that all areas will be watered enough to maintain trees and shrubs, but lawns may visibly suffer and may be lost in some instances as a result of a decrease in irrigation. As the irrigation season unfolds, staff will be regularly re-evaluating reductions based on expense analysis and the condition of the parks. 

HIGH = Little to no change in irrigation through the irrigation season. Some dry areas may be visible depending on weather conditions

MEDIUM = Reduce irrigation; moderate visible impacts likely will be present

LOW = Significantly reduce irrigation and expect severe visible impacts with the potential for partial loss of lawns in some instances

TREES & SHRUBS = Little to no change in irrigation through the irrigation season to maintain trees and shrubs. No significant lawn areas present
Park Name Priority
Lithia Park HIGH
North Mountain Park HIGH
Triangle Park MEDIUM
Garfield Park MEDIUM
Hunter Park MEDIUM
Briscoe Park MEDIUM
Sherwood Park LOW
Ashland Creek Park LOW
Clay Street Park LOW
Dog Park LOW
Garden Way Park LOW
Glenwood Park LOW
Kestral Park LOW
Railroad Park LOW
Scenic Park LOW
Riverwalk LOW
Bluebird Park TREES & SHRUBS
Calle Guanajuato TREES & SHRUBS
Evergreen TREES & SHRUBS

Learn more about ways you can conserve water... City of Ashland Water Conservation Programs 

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