Geocaching at N MT Park

Did you know there are six geocaches at N MT Park?

Cache 1: Arena 
You might need to horse around a little in the arena to find this hidden corner cache. 
Latitude/Longitude: N 42° 12.2537 W 122° 42.0246

Cache 2: Willow Hut 
You'll find this cache rooted in hiding near the living structure.
Latitude/Longitude: N 42° 12.2428 W 122° 41.9464

Cache 3: Wood Branch Fence  
This cache can be found near the creek and an amazing wood branch fence.  Please observe the signs and do NOT pass beyond into the nature area. You won't need to cross the gate to find the container.  You won't need to do any bushwhacking to get to the cache, just look for the traveled areas.  Please replace the cache well for the next adventurer! 
Latitude/Longitude: N 42° 12.222 W 122° 41.900 

Cache 4: Bushed 
In the heart of the tall bushes, this cache lies in wait under natural cover near the play area.
Latitude/Longitude: N 42° 12.091 W 122° 41.86

Cache 5: Beware of Trolls!  
This cache is located between some of the playing fields in the area and on a path that takes you across a neat little bridge.  While scouting the area for a good place to hide, we didn't see any trolls, but that doesn't mean there won't be one there when you go searching!  Some stealth may be required for this find depending on the amount of nearby muggles.  Please replace well for the next adventurer! 
Latitude/Longitude:  N 42° 12.080 W 122° 41.907

Cache 6: A Shady Hiding Spot
This cache could be considered a quick park and grab yet offers a nice shady spot to watch any games that might be going on at the fields.  There are plenty of spots to hide a cache here so let your instincts guide you as you search around.  Please be stealthy if there are plenty of people around and replace the cache well for the next adventurer! 
Latitude/Longitude: N 42° 12.133 W 122° 42.039 

  1. Use your eyes when you think you are close to a cache.
  2. Look for something that seems out of place.
  3. Geocaches are sometimes disguised or camouflaged.
  4. Think like a detective
  5. Geocaches are never buried
  6. Look high, look low, look around
  7. Respect your surroundings
  8. Check the hint for a clue
  9. Be patient with yourself
  10. Have fun!

To continue to play this fun game, please see
for a map of other local caches. 

For questions, and to find out about local geocache activities, please contact 

Geocaching is an outdoor, high-tech treasure hunt using Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers to find secret, hidden containers (or “caches”). Geocaches can be found on mountaintops, city streets, underwater and even in your neighborhood park. With 1,630,000 caches hidden all over the world, you probably walk by one every day and don’t even know it!

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