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Ashland Forest Resiliency and the Rogue-River Siskiyou National Forest are conducting a controlled underburn beginning today, Thursday, April 27th and as conditions allow, through Monday, May 1st. The controlled burn and smoke will be highly visible throughout town and the valley. Please avoid the controlled burn area to reduce your smoke exposure and give fire crews room to work.

Affected Areas
Several popular trails are located within the controlled burn area including: Wonder Trail and Fell on Knee. Please avoid using trails from the top of Granite Street on west side of the Ashland Loop Road (USFS 2060). Areas directly affected by the burn or smoke include the west side of the Ashland Loop Road (Forest Road 2060) from the swimming reservoir at Granite Street up to Horn Gap. Trails to avoid include Wonder, Fell on Knee, Ricketty, No Candies, and Horn Gap. Trails to the east of Ashland Creek like Jabberwocky and Bandersnatch are better recreation options. Due to traffic, ongoing burn operations and drifting smoke; please avoid the west side of the watershed. See the map below for burn locations.


Sign up for email notifications for controlled burns here. Please see some of the following resources for more information: 


To receive updates please use the following resources: Lomakatsi Restoration ProjectThe Nature Conservancy in OregonU.S. Forest Service- Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest and City of Ashland Oregon are committed to our collaborative forest restoration project that reduces the risk of severe wildfire across public and private land in and around the Ashland Watershed.  We work to protect old trees, wildlife habitat, homes, trails and our water source by thinning overcrowded forests and conducting controlled burns.
Learn More About the Ashland Forest Resiliency Project: 
NEW! The Ashland Forest Resiliency Partners helped create a website dedicated to providing the resources and information needed to protect your health during summer wildfires. The web page will tell you where to get air quality information and how to take action.




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