Traffic Programs

Traffic Programs:

Ashland Municipal Court does offer a traffic school programs on certain offenses. This is a good option if you are concerned about the conviction going on your driving record.
The Traffic School Program is a program designed to allow drivers the opportunity to recognize and review their driving habits, attitudes, and behaviors. Generally, you can go to traffic school if:
​You are entering a plea of No Contest (not contesting the facts of the case). Note: A Not Guilty plea forfeits your Traffic School Program option. 
 You were cited for a moving violation that does not involve an accident.
You have no previous moving violation or traffic crime convictions within the last two years.
You have not participated in another Traffic School Program in this Court or any other court in this state or any other state that resulted in the dismissal of the charge within the last two years.
You have a valid non-commercial driver license or permit.​
You meet all other eligibility requirements.
When you sign up for the Traffic School Program, you have 120 days to pay the Court Traffic School Program fee in full and complete the conditions for the Traffic School program you signed up for. When those conditions are met, the Court will dismiss the charge.

Click on the appropriate green button below for more information about specific programs and to submit an application. 

Scroll down the page for information on how to read your citation & how to determine what class of violation you were cited for.
  Rounded Rectangle: Class B, C & D $110-$320               Rounded Rectangle: Driving While Suspended
  Rounded Rectangle: Seatbelt






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