Utility Assistance Programs

Utility Assistance Programs


The City of Ashland offers a variety of assistance programs for citizens who may have difficulty paying their utility bill.


Ashland Low income Energy Assistance Program (ALIEAP)


Each year, the City of Ashland sets aside money for the Ashland Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (ALIEAP) to assist low-income Ashland residents with electric bills during the cold winter months. 
Ashland utility customers whose income is at or below 65 percent of Oregon's median income can receive a maximum credit of $300 on their electric utility bill.  Credits of 50% for senior and disabled persons may be given for up to six months and credits of 50% for others may be given for up to three months.

Applications are accepted beginning in October for assistance in the winter months, and are not accepted after the first business day in February.  Priority for the available funds from the program will be given first to seniors, then to disabled persons and then to others.

Please help the City of Ashland help others in our community. If you know of residents who might qualify for low-income energy assistance, please encourage them to call 552-2038 to request an application packet.

Click here for an ALIEAP application

Senior Utility Discount



The City of Ashland offers a year round discount on Ashland utility bills for income-qualified persons age 65 or older, or qualified disabled persons age 60 or older.

Click here for a discount application


For information about this program please call 488-6004.


Emergency HEAT Assistance



This program serves residents of any age, once a year, who have received a disconnect notice on their utility bill.  Assistance may be offered depending on available funding.

For information about this program please call (541) 488-6004.

Click here for a one-time assistance application


How can you help?




Many of Ashland's low-income residents have difficulty paying their basic monthly utility services.


The City of Ashland's Round Up program allows Ashland utility customers to voluntarily round up their utility bills to the nearest dollar.  The additional funds accumulated will be devoted to assisting low-income Ashland residents with their monthly utility bills.  Customers who qualify for low-income assistance are screened to determine eligibility.  In addition, occasionally customers who don't necessarily qualify as low-income may need some assistance due to personal difficulties.  These funds will be used to assist qualified, low-income customers and can be used in an emergency to help others on a one time per year only basis.


Please join the Ashland Round Up.  Include a note with your utility payment authorizing the City to round up your next bill or email utilitybilling@ashland.or.us.



Contribute to HEAT Assistance


Individuals or organizations regularly contribute to the Emergency HEAT Assistance Program.  If you are interested in making a contribution, include a separate check with your utility payment or mail a check to:

HEAT Program, City Hall,


20 East Main Street, Ashland, OR 97520.


Funds collected from both of these programs are dedicated to helping Ashland citizens in need.

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