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Fall Watering

Our landscapes need a lot less water in October than they did during the summertime. About 50 percent less on average. The days may still be warm, but shorter days and cooler nights in the months of September, October and November means less evaporation, which means less irrigation is required. Adjust your irrigation controller following the watering recommendation at to help our community save water this fall.


Reducing your landscape irrigation does not mean you need to stop watering all together. If you have a lawn, cut back to two days per week. For trees, cut back to two to four days a month. During fall, plants begin to go into dormancy, a sleep-like state in which they don't need as much or supplemental irrigation.


Fall is when trees, shrubs and other perennial plants get busy growing their roots, and proper watering and mulching supports this activity.  However, be careful not to overwater your plants during the fall season. Overwatering can harm the root systems of our plants and the excess moisture can put them at risk for fungal diseases.  Add a layer of mulch to your plants to help hold in moisture and reduce evaporation. Mulch fosters rapid root growth, and maximizes the benefits of fall watering, whether you provide it, or the rain does.


Remember it is not necessary to irrigate when it rains, or on days following a good rain event. Using nature as your source of water encourages a water wise friendly landscape.


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