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City Adopts Vision and Value Statements

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City of Ashland Adopts Vision and Value Statements and Looks
Toward Aspirational Goals for the 23-25 Biennium

In the summer 2022, the Ashland City Council adopted Vision and Value Statements for the City. The statements will be the foundation for biennium aspirational goals, as the City plans for each budget cycle and sets strategic initiatives for achieving goals.
“The Vision and Values statements will serve as the guiding principles to help Ashland create a value brand to unite citizens and staff and continue to be a draw for visitors. We see Ashland becoming a basecamp for tourists who want to stay, eat and play, in and around Ashland--- Exploring all that Southern Oregon has to offer,” stated City Manager, Joe Lessard.
“The Vision and Value statements will also serve as a launch pad for developing aspirational goals for the 23-25 Biennium.”
In January 2023, the Ashland City Council will begin the process of formulating aspirational goals for the Fiscal Year 2023-2025 Biennium. This will be a community process, achieved through a series of public participation opportunities:
  • Public meetings (held hybrid, with in-person or virtual public input options)
  • Opportunities to share opinions throughout the process
In the coming weeks watch for information on City’s website,, via a platform called OpenGov. This software has been utilized by the City since 2017 and serves as a tool for budget reporting that is transparent and offers a rich narrative and multimedia that will help to inform the public on budget and aspirational goals. OpenGov and a subsidiary called, Community Feedback, will serve as an interactive means for the community.
  • Ashland is a resilient, sustainable community that maintains the distinctive quality of place for which it is known
  • We will continue to be a unique and caring city that stresses environmental conservation, fosters artistic expression, and is open to new ideas and innovation
  • We will plan and direct our efforts to fulfill this Vision for the long term with a constant view toward being an open, welcoming community for all with a positive economic future
VALUE STATEMENTS for Success that Support the Vision:

  • Community affordability, including available housing and childcare
  • Belonging through mutual respect and openness, inclusion and equity
  • Quality of life that underpins the City's economic vibrancy
  • Environmental resilience, including addressing climate change and ecosystem conservation
  • Regional cooperation, including in support for public safety and homelessness
  • Respect for the citizens we serve, for each other, and for the work we do
  • Excellence in governance and city services
  • Sustainability through creativity, affordability and rightsized service delivery
  • Public safety, including emergency preparedness for climate change risk
  • Quality infrastructure and facilities through timely maintenance and community investment

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