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Any person, firm or corporation desiring electric, internet, water, and/or sewer service from the City of Ashland must apply in writing and agree to abide by the rates, rules and regulations of the City set forth in Ashland Municipal Code 14.02.

Service Application - Initial service with the City must be made by completing the connect form below.  Subsequent utility service may be made by email, providing the credit history is in order, and all charges are current.

Credit - Either a deposit equal to 1 1/2 months the average monthly charges for the connecting service address or a Letter of Credit from another utility is required to establish credit with the City. A Letter of Credit can be used to establish credit history with the City of Ashland if the service period is for a minimum of 12 months within the previous 3 years of service listing no more than 2 delinquencies.Deposits are applied to the account after 11 full months of good payment record, and no further deposit is required for future service applications for the same type of service.  Good payment record criteria is defined as not more than 2 past due notices in a 11 month period.  If good payment record criteria is not maintained, customers will be required to repost a deposit in order to avoid stoppage of service.  The deposit will be applied to the final charges upon closing of the account if not refunded previously.

Bills - All bills are due and payable upon receipt.  If bills are not paid by the next billing date, a notice complying with Ashland Municipal Code 14.02 shall be given that service will be disconnected if the overdue charges are not paid by the date specified.  If service is disconnected, service will be restored when the total amount overdue and the reconnection fee has been paid in full.  Failure to receive a bill does not excuse payment, penalty or turnoff.

It is the responsibility of each customer to establish and terminate their own service upon moving in or out of a residence.  Failure to do so may result in additional charges.

Please complete the information below to request utility service connection.  Orders for same day service must be received by the City by 1:00 p.m.

Questions? - Please feel free to contact us at utilitybilling@ashland.or.us. 


The City of Ashland offers local high-speed internet through Ashland Fiber Network (AFN). Go to ashlandfiber.net/sign-up to sign up for AFN internet service or bundled services like cable TV and phone through AFNís retail partners. 
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