DRAFT Values

DRAFT Values

The City Council recently approved a draft set of values, a draft vision statement and 15 two-year goals.  Now the Council is interested in your feedback on all three.


The values are meant to represent what is most important to us as a community.  The vision statement describes the long term direction towards which Ashland should be moving.  And the two-year goals are concrete policy actions the Council expects to focus on through July of 2011.


Ideally all three (values, goals, vision) would be completely consistent with each other.  In the real world, however, there are often tensions among the three.  It is the purpose of community dialogue to refine, clarify and better align these three elements. 


The Council will gather public input through September 21, 2009 review the input and adopt a final Values and Vision Statement in November.  The council will review the feedback on the goals in January 2010 prior to beginning the budget process for FY2011.


The deadline to submit comments is Setpember 21.  Thank you for taking the time to complete the following form.


As members of the Ashland City Council, we value: 

Good Government

a. Transparent, honest, responsive
b. Strong, creative leadership
c. Excellent public service
d. Stewards of public resources
e. Active, intelligent respectful citizen involvement
f. Volunteerism in govenment and community

Natural Environment

a. Beauty and quality
b. Enhance quality of air, water land, open spaces, wildlife habitat
c. Treasure parks, natural areas and recreational opportunities

Responsible Land Use

a. Development that makes efficient use of land, water and energy
b. Development that maintains our architectural heritage
c. Development that protects our relationship to nature and emphasizes quality design
d. Strong neighborhoods
e. Efficient public infrastructure and public services

Free Expression

a. A creative climate that invites an open exchange of diverse ideas
b. The social, economic, and creative contributions of the arts, cultural activities and community events


a. A community that invites and respects the individuality and contributions of all people


a. A business community that is attuned with our environmental and social aspirations
b. An economy that capitalizes on community assets and allows our homegrown entrepreneurs to succeed
c. An economy that creates community wealth, supports arts and culture, connects to Southern Oregon University and supports high quality public services
d. A diverse economy that provides employment and economic choices for individuals and families


a. Our ability to be innovative, to set our own course, to provide public services and to meet resident's basic needs

Personal Well Being

a. All people seek physical, mental and emtional well being
b. Each person needs adequate food, clothing, housing, transportation, health care and personal safety

Sense of Community

a. Strong neighborhoods, families and communities of interest
b. Residents participate in community life and feel a strong sense of belonging
Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback.

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