Council Communication November 6, 2007

Council Communication November 20, 2007


The City Council formed a Facilities Master Plan Committee in November of 2007.

The purpose of the committee is to work with the consultant and staff to:

A. Update the Space Need Analysis

1. Evaluate current locations and their proximity to other departments and City functions, future staffing and growth expectations for the next 10 and 20 years.
2. Explore various options with an internal City facilities team and with the Community Facilities Master Plan Committee.

B. Evaluate the physical location of all City Facilities with regard to their current and potential best use. City Hall maintains a strong presence downtown and the ancillary building at 51 Winburn Way for Planning, Building, Conservation and Public Works Engineering offices.

1. The City's property at 90 N. Mountain is the location for Public Works Water, Street, Equipment, Shop and Facilities Divisions, Electric Department, Ashland Fiber Network, Computer Services, Purchasing offices. Across Mountain Avenue is the B Street Yard which is primarily used as storage and an equipment washrack. There is a small piece of property on E. Nevada Street) that is currently used as an electric storage and training facility.

  • a. Are these the best locations in the City for this type of facility(s); should we combine sites at a different location; are there ideal locations for these service functions that should be purchased; should 90 N. Mountain be for used for specific offices and not storage, etc.
    b. If the City Yards are recommended to be combined and relocated, provide several options for optimal location and combined facilities.
    c. Provide pros and cons to a variety of alternatives.

2. The Ashland Gun Club and Lithia Springs property is located to the east part of town. This is the original site of the Lithia Water and pumps and piping are still located at this site for use through the City. The City uses this site for clean fill from spoils of public works projects. The Ashland Gun Club has a long term lease on the majority of this site. Is this the best use of the property?

3. The City has two Fire Station locations; Fire Station #1 was re-built in place at the south end of the downtown core. Fire Station #2 is on the eastern part of town in a small facility and has been programmed to be rebuilt. Is this the best location for Fire Station #2? Should there be additional collocated facilities? Is the proposed size correct?

4. The City's Civic Center houses the Police Department, Court and court offices, Council Chambers, and a community facility (The Grove).

  • a. The Council Chambers is undersized and not functional. The Consultant will evaluate the best options, configuration, sizing and location for the Council Chambers - best location and sizing (relocate to the Grove; B Street Yard; Police Building; alternate relocation options)
    b. Police Department - Best location and facility size (combine with Fire Station #2; relocate to the Grove; B Street Yard; alternate relocation options); initial needs for safety and operations are being addressed at the existing facility on a need now basis.
    c. Municipal Court - Best location and facility size (relocate to the Grove; B Street Yard; alternate relocation options).
    d. Best use of the Grove.
    e. Provide pros and cons to a variety of alternatives.

5. Future City Hall needs

  • a. City Hall serves the Mayor, Administrator, staff; City Clerk and staff (Passport services); Human Resources; Finance; Legal; Utility Billing and Risk Management.
    b. With the City Hall building in downtown, what critical functions should reside in this building; should this building be expanded (at one time there was discussion of a third floor)? Should only some functions be retained at this location and the remaining functions relocated to a new facility: where?

6. Storage Needs

  • a. Currently the City has records storage in several locations but primarily at the Cemetery and in office buildings. What is the best long term solution and storage location?

7. Evaluate duplication of services and identify pros/cons and recommendations for combined uses (or reasons not to do so).

  • a. Shared training facilities for both Fire Stations.
    b. Shared training facilities for Fire and Police.
    c. Shared City Yard and Parks Department storage areas.
    d. Shared equipment storage and yards (90 N Mountain, B Street, Nevada Street, Parks on Winburn, etc). There may also be an opportunity to discuss shared equipment yard space with the Oregon Department of Transportation and the Ashland School system.
    e. Identify other opportunities to combine service functions.



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