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Public Arts Advisory Committee Meeting

Thursday, November 16, 2023

November 16, 2023
Regular Meeting
4:00pm–5:30pm, Siskiyou Conference Room
51 Winburn Way
    1. Introductions and other news – Stef Seffinger is now officially the Parks liaison to the PAAC; Beca Blake has been notified by the Mayor that her appointment to PAAC will be on the consent agenda at the next council meeting.
    2. Quorum count - quorum achieved.
Committee Members Present: Liaisons & Staff Present:
Chair, Ken Engelund Jennifer Chenoweth, Associate Planner
Laura Bloom Councilor Gina DuQuenne
Tessa Elbettar Stef Seffinger, Parks and Rec Commissioner
Cassie Preskenis  
Stanley Smith Liaisons & Staff Absent:
Heather Warden  
  Special Guests:
Committee Members Absent: Peter Finkle
“We acknowledge and honor the aboriginal people on whose ancestral homelands we work – the Ikirakutsum Band of the Shasta Nation, as well as the diverse and vibrant Native communities who make their home here today. We denounce the egregious acts of the colonizers and government and recognize the horrific impacts that still exist today. We honor the first stewards in the Rogue Valley and the lands we live and depend on: Tribes with ancestral lands in and surrounding the geography of the Ashland Watershed include the original past, present and future indigenous inhabitants of the Shasta, Takelma, and Athabaskan people. We also recognize and acknowledge the Shasta village of K’wakhaha - “Where the Crow Lights” - that is now the Ashland City Plaza.”
Read by Chair, Ken Engelund
    1. October 19, 2023 regular meeting- Chair Engelund motioned to approve the draft October 19, 2023 meeting minutes with no corrections. Cassie Preskenis seconded; All approve the October 19 meeting minutes.
  1. PUBLIC FORUM (for items not on the agenda; up to 3 minutes per speaker) Peter Finkle spoke at the City Council meeting on November 7 during the public forum after the PAAC annual presentation. He mentioned to the council his work photographing public art and called on the council to encourage creativity throughout town
Liaisons: City Council Liaison, Gina DuQuenne; Council DuQuenne thanked Chair Engelund for the PAAC presentation update at the City Council meeting on November 7 and thanked Peter Finkle for his contributions to Public Art in Ashland. DuQuenne noted that the Mayor suggested the PAAC consider artworks at the south end of Ashland. Community Development Liaison, Jennifer Chenoweth; Community Development received a call from Art Builds Community - they are researching public art funding through private development support in Oregon citiesand APRC Liaison, Stef Seffinger; Commissioner Seffinger discussed that Parks is working on making up a deficit in capital improvement projects  - this may affect future projects outside the budget cycle; also discussed starting potential new uses in the parks such as camping and special events like weddings.
    1. City Council Annual Committee Update Presentation, November 7 - Ken presented a PowerPoint presentation that was well received by the City Council. The Mayor noted that it would benefit the community to have art in the south end of town.
    2. PAAC Study Session Planning (potential date January 19, 2024) All agreed that January 19 could work for a Study Session date. Another option is to hold the Study Session on January 18 during the regular meeting and extend the meeting time to end at 6:00. A vote during the December meeting will determine the date. 
    3. Public Arts Map Walking Tour – StoryMap final review and comments - the group reviewed the StoryMap and had a few comments to GIS in regard to wording. Jenn will send the comments to the GIS department.
    4. Marking Ashland Places (MAP) II – review of potential site selection and next steps - The Historic Preservation Advisory Committee (HPAC) conducted a ranking for the potential location of the downtown historic hub artwork. They voted for the entrance to Lithia Park. Ken is arranging a subcommittee meeting next week (November 21) with the HPAC and Ashland Parks and Recreation Commission (APRC) members.
    1. Velocity (bouncing ball sculpture) repairs – no update
    2. Golden Connections Medallions Installation & Bids - no update
    3. ODOT Controller Boxes - call for artists has good interest, but only one submission so far; section panel is coming together- Stan motioned to approve the selection panel for the ODOT controller boxes as recommended by the task group. The motion was approved.
    4. Crosswalk Project - bids for the thermoplastic installation at crosswalks range from $7,000 to $18,000 depending on complexity of design and area of coverage; looking at one near SOU and one near Lithia Park – Action item: Stef will find out the rules for art in the parks and update the group during the next regular meeting.
    5. Haines & Friends Grant -no update was available during the meeting; however, the following day PAAC task group received a letter that the project was not selected for funding at this time.
    6. Micah Blacklight “Ancestors Future - Crystalizing Our Call” - no new update
    7. John Pugh Mural “Where the Crow Lights,” Elks Building - no new update
ADJOURNMENT - Next Meeting Date:  Thursday, December 21 @ 4:00pm (discussion regarding date of next meeting) At least four members can attend the meeting in December so the next meeting will be held on December 21. Chair Engelund requested a motion to adjourn the meeting. All AYES to adjourn.

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