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Airport Commission Regular Meeting

Tuesday, June 04, 2019

                                                                                Ashland Airport Commission

These minutes are pending approval by this Committee

Wolske calls meeting to order at 9:30 AM
Roll Call:
Members Present: David Wolske (Chair), George Schoen, Bernard Spera, Andrew Vandenberg, Dana Greaves
FBO Present: None
Members Absent: William Skillman, Daniel Palomino,
Staff Present: Chance Metcalf, Kaylea Kathol, Rich Rosenthal (Council Liaison)
Guests: Lance Wyss (The Freshwater Trust), Pat Herdklotz, Dawn Lamb
Vandenberg Motions to Approve Minutes, Spera Seconds
All Ayes
Minutes Approved as Written
Request for Additional Items from Commission Members- None
Public Comments- Wyss reports he has been working with landowners along Neil Creek to identify fish habitat restoration opportunities. Construction anticipated to begin in 2020, permits are still in the process. Private surveys have begun. Archeological surveys will be done on Airport property. Strategy will be to clear blackberries and completed archelogy surveys by February 2020, construction would begin June 15th to Sept 20th, 2020. Logs will be placed with excavators, will perform additional weed treatment and replanting as needed during winter 2020/2021, and maintenance of planting will last for four years.
Old Business
Commission Member Vacancies- Metcalf provides update on member applications for Commission. Wolske requests Commission Member Vacancies to Action Item List.
Fuel Terminal Upgrade- Metcalf reports that upgrade is complete.
Action Item List:
Airport Entrance Landscaping- Airport entrance landscaping plan has been completed. Construction will begin in fall.
Restroom Improvements-  Fully completed. Matcalf recommends removing item from Action Item list.
Airport Maintenance Plan- Asphalt grindings to be hauled to Gun Club in the Fall. Water leak is still being investigated by American Leak Detection.
Airport Security Camera- The City is working on installing security cameras, the infrastructure work has been planned, and the system will be monitored and maintained by the City.
New Business
Airport Good Neighbor Items- An email was received from Louise Shawkat which expresses concern over greenhouse gasses emitted during airport day. Commission discusses how to get ahead of this for next year. Herdklotz volunteers to research what other airports have done to address carbon credits, GHG etc. Rosenthal suggests meeting with Stu Green regarding some options to address climate and energy Action items. Commission would like to have Green join at a future meeting regarding this topic, maybe 3 months from now.  
Airport Day Wrap Up- What went right and wrong: 1500 attended, another 300 or so may not have been counted including, staff, volunteers, venders and late arrivals. Brim did 300 helicopter rides, no count available on airplane rides. Dawn Lamb reports on what went wrong and what went right. Lamb states many of the food trucks bailed out last minute, next year she will get a firmer commitment. Manually blowing up balloons was difficult. Brimís hangar worked very well. Lamb thinks ticket sale location at Brimís hangar was better than last year, she is concerned people may have snuck through as no one took their ticket. Garbage and bathrooms went well. More signage is needed if drones stay in the same location next year, more direction needed. Parking went smoothly. Speaker and PA system needed, location was good though. Croman didnít show up. Spera recommends having programs so people know what is going on. Schoen recommends renting a sound system next year. Herdklotz recommends a map and/or better signage as it was difficult as a new person to make her way around. Metcalf suggests posting several large maps. No easy access to drinking water. Itís suggested the Spera that the City provide water, Metcalf reminds commission that there is an Airport budget for such things. Wolske brings up that the Civil Air Patrol cadets were not informed on how to get a meal. Skillman was traditionally responsible, Lamb requests that she gets their contact information for next year. Wolske gave a personal donation. Styrofoam planes ďdidnít workĒ, but also are a big draw to kids, it is recommended something other than Styrofoam be found. Scienceworks simulator wasnít obvious that is was inside the hangar, it could have been made more obvious. Safety: Vandenburg states that the public is not aware of moving propellers, Staff must be hyper-aware of the public.. Marketing: Lamb wants to do more radio ads, flyers were distributed to regional airports, Wolske doesnít feel there was much response from outside airports, would like to try to be more effective next year. Herdklotz suggests partnering with local hotels, and Chamber of Commerce. Suggests bussing in people. Wolske was approached by a vendor about selling clothing, he asks if and how the Commission regulate vendors. Lamb would like to keep things aviation related. Wolske asks the Commission to consider this topic for next year. Lamb recommends a single list of vendors and volunteers, so everyone gets all the same information. Rosenthal recommends business licenses from the City. Requirements to provide meals to volunteers, since they are making a profit and not giving it to the City. Liability/COIís weíve never asked for this before. Wolske asks if he can put in for a reimbursement of his donation and his cost for the purchase of counting clickers, as well as if the City can donate to CAP every year. Food trucks are getting harder to come by, and as such it is recommended that a date is locked in early. June 6th is called on as next yearís Airport Day date.
Lamb is working on thankyou letters to all volunteers and needs a few additional contacts.
Greaves motions to reimburse Wolske for his expenses. Spera Seconds.
All Ayes, motion carries.
FBO Reports: Skinner not present.
NEXT MEETING DATE:  July 2nd, 2019
   ADJOURNMENT:            @11:10am
Respectfully submitted,
Shannon Burruss
Public Works Administration  

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