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Public Arts Commission (View All)

Public Art Commission Regular Meeting

Friday, November 18, 2016

Public Art Commission
8:00 a.m.
November 18, 2016
Commissioners: Garrington, Merchant, Newman, Friend, Block-Brown, Bussell, Fuhmark, Seltzer (staff liaison)
Lemhouse (council liaison)
Dale Shostrom, chair Historic Commission, Barry Thalden, Molly Ochoa
Minutes of the November 14 meeting were approved.
Citizen Issue
Barry Thalden stated he and his wife continue to be supportive of public art in Ashland and he would like to follow through on a proposal he initiated two years ago: a four color brochure showing public art and locations in Ashland.
Thalden introduced graphic designer Molly Ochoa who presented a preliminary design of the brochure.  Mr. and Mrs. Thalden will fund the brochure and work with the Chamber to distribute the piece. 
The PAC expressed its support and gratitude for the offer and concept but due to time constraints were unable to discuss the project at this meeting.  Thalden was asked the timeline to produce and distribute the Brochure.  Thalden indicated March is the goal.
The PAC will review the proposal at its December or January meeting.
Proposed AMC Changes
Friend proposed the PAC develop its rationale for support or non-support for sections of the proposed changes to AMC. Friend provided her draft rationale and invited the PAC members to respond and or to develop their own rationale for discussion at the December meeting.  Friend explained that it is important the PAC as a group are able to articulate to both the Historic Commission and to the City Council its thought process on developing the proposed changes.  She noted that her reasoning for not including the suggestion of the HC to prohibit public art on listed or contributing structures was that this is a City Council policy decision and this type of decision is not within the prevue or charge of the PAC nor is the PAC interested in telling private property owners what can be done to their property.
The PAC agreed to changes to Section D1.  It will now read: “Public art should not be placed in a site where it is out of scale with the site and adjacent architecture.”
In addition, the PAC discussed Section G which stated the PAC will provide public art concepts to all City Commissions.  Garrington explained that her original idea was not to codify this language but rather to be another tool to provide information about upcoming public art concepts.  The PAC agreed to delete this language.
Seltzer will incorporate the changes noted and provide a clean copy to the PAC and to Dale Shostrom, chair of the Historic Commission.
This item will be on the December agenda.
Interview with artist Douglas Lochner
The PAC spoke via telephone conference with artist Douglas Lochner.  Each commissioner took their own notes and Lochner offered to provide his written responses to the questions.
Interview with artist Gordon Huether
The PAC spoke via telephone conference with artist Gordon Huether.  Each commissioner took their own notes.
Reference Checks
The PAC reviewed the questions asked of references for the Gateway project and made a slight change to the last question to read “How has the community responded to the piece?”
The following commissioners will make phone calls to check references:
Bussell: Koryn Rolstad
Newman: Dana Lynn Louis
Garrington: Douglas Lochner
Block-Brown: Gordon Huether
Garrington reminded the group to send to her suggested questions for the word cloud responses. Fuhmark will design a display board for the library working in conjunction with Bussell and Block-Brown.
Meeting adjourned at 11:00 a.m.
Next meeting dates:
December 9      regular meeting
December 15    selected artist for Theater Corridor is notified
January             potluck (Richard)
January 20        regular meeting
February 3        First Friday

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