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Public Art Commission Special Meeting

Monday, November 07, 2016

Public Art Commission
Special Meeting
8:00 a.m.
November 7, 2016
Commissioners: Garrington, Merchant, Newman, Friend, Block-Brown, Bussell, Fuhmark, Seltzer (staff liaison)
Lemhouse (council liaison)
Dave Kanner, city administrator
Dale Shostrom, chair Historic Commission
Minutes of the October 24 special meeting were approved with corrections.
Review Proposed Changes to AMC
Dave Kanner distributed his proposed changes to the Ashland Municipal Code related to public art on listed and contributing properties in historic districts in Ashland.  Kannerís proposal incorporated input from the Community Development department and the Historic Commission including proposed criteria for the HC to consider when evaluating public art proposals.
In addition, Mr. Kanner distributed notes of the Historic Commission recent meeting, the notes had not yet been approved by the HC and a copy of the Mayorís report to the City Council on his meetings with HC members and PAC members.
The PAC identified changes and edits in the proposed document and, following the meeting, Mr. Kanner emailed the PAC and the HC with a revised document which reflects the PAC input.
The HC notes provided by Kanner included two additional requests to be included in the proposed change.  The PAC was not amenable to adding those statements and agreed that a joint meeting between the HC and the PAC would be beneficial to discuss and understand the reasoning behind the request.
Friend will work with Shostrom to determine a date and time that will work for all PAC and HC members.
Theater Corridor Review
The PAC interviewed artist Koryn Rolstad via conference call.  Friend asked each commission member to take their own notes.  Rolstad was asked to address the following questions which were sent to her in advance:
  1. The corridor project requires integrated lighting as a critical element and this pedestrian space needs to be as engaging in the day as it is at night.  How will you create a public art project that meets these requirements? Share with us and describe any examples of completed work where this is demonstrated.
  2. How will you meet the artistís responsibility to complete all of the technical aspects of this project including: engineering, fabrication with integrated light elements, and installation?  Share with us and describe any examples of completed work where this is demonstrated.
  3. What limitations and challenges do you envision for this specific corridor project with the $100,000 budget and how will you creatively overcome them?  Why are you confident that you can execute an exceptional corrido project meeting the stated intent of and criteria within this budget?
  4. We will engage the Ashland community in multiple public input opportunities to help the selected artist meet the public art intention of this project.  What information from our community will help you develop successful concepts and a final project?  What has been your experience with the challenges and benefits of brining public input into the public art creative process?
Meeting adjourned at 10:45 a.m.
Next meeting dates:
Monday, November 14 special meeting
Friday, November 18 regular meeting
December 9 regular meeting

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