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Economic, Cultural, Tourism & Sustainability Grants Meeting

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Economic, Cultural, Tourism & Sustainability Grants
Citizens Budget Sub-Committee
April 10, 2014, 6:00 PM
Civic Center Council Chambers
1175 East Main Street
The Citizens Budget Committee meeting was called to order at 6:12pm
Committee Members Bill Heimann,  Dennis Slattery, John Stromberg, Mary Cody, Rich Rosenthal and Roberta Stebbins were present as well as staff members Lee Tuneberg Finance Director & Kristy Blackman Administrative Assistant.
Tuneberg briefly discussed the process to be used to allocate the funds.
Stebbins asked the committee how they wished to begin allocations. Heimann expressed that he would like to begin with the allocations that they were certain about and move then to the more undecided ones.
Stebbins again asked the committee to confirm that they were pleased with this approach. Stromberg asked for clarification on the tourism allocation portion and addressed Stebbins regarding the process.
Rosenthal suggested looking at the allocation averages on the allocation sheet. It was agreed that the committee would focus on the “average column”.
Science Works
Average $34,167. Slattery noted that everyone was in agreement. Stebbins complimented Science Works over all.
All agreed $35,000
Ashland Art Center:
Average $11,167
Rosenthal suggested $10,000
All agreed $10,000
Ashland New Plays Festival
Average $6,798
All agreed $7,000
SOPride Inc.
Average $5,000.
All agreed $5,000.
St Clair Productions
Average $2,967
Agreed to revisit later in the evening
Average $12,682. Stromberg spoke to the Lomakatsi project merits special support. Slattery interjected and stated that everyone needs to agree on a fair number for all applicants. Stebbins noted that personal attachment to a program can skew people’s opinions, and doesn’t believe that the committee should allocate over the average. Stebbins asked Rosenthal’s opinion. Rosenthal stated that he allocated $0 because he believes that the funding for this project is too large of an amount for too few people.
Stromberg stated that he believes the project has regional significance.
Stromberg - $15,000 Heimann - $13,000 Slattery - $10,000 to $13,000.
All agreed $13,000.
Average $1,667.
All agreed no award.
Below Stairs Productions
Average $1,750.
All agreed no award.
Dancing People Company
Average $4,967.
All agreed $5,000.
Ashland Gallery Association
Average $9,283 Heimann noted that his allocation was a mistake & expressed his support for the Gallery.
Stebbins suggested $10,000.
All agreed $10,000.
Sustainable Valley Technology Group
Average $9,250.
All agreed $9,250.
Southern Oregon Repertory Singers
Average $3,800.
Stromberg suggested $5,000.
Agreed to revisit later in the evening.
Stories Alive
Average $1,950.
Rosenthal recommended revisiting this later in the evening.
Average $26,515.
All agreed $26,515.
Rogue Valley Symphony
Average $7,750.
All agreed $7,750.
Ashland’s Bed & Breakfast Network
Average $9,000.
All agreed $10,000.
Modern Roots
Average $1,833.
Bill recommended no award.
All agreed no award except Rosenthal.
Youth Symphony of Southern Oregon
Average $6,083.
All agreed $5,000.
Klamath Bird Observatory
Average $14,748.
All agreed $15,000.
Siskiyou Violins
Average $1,917.
Agreed to revisit later in the evening.
Southern Oregon Film and Television
Average $7,083.
Bill expressed concern about program meeting criteria.
Bill suggested $8,000.
All agreed $8,000.
Schneider Museum of Art, SOU Foundations
Average $1,667.
Rosenthal noted that in goal setting sessions, council set a goal to support the university.
Slattery stated he thought their funding should come from somewhere else.
Stromberg was concerned about the large amount request for first time application.
Heimann reiterated Slattery’s sentiments and stated he wishes funds could come from other areas. He also agreed with Stromberg.
Stebbins praised the Executive Director and hopes that she will not be discouraged to apply again.
All agreed no award.
Siskiyou Singers
Average $2,583.
Agreed to revisit later in the evening.
Rogue Valley Farm to School
Average $8,933.
All agreed $9,000.
Ashland Independent Film Festival
Average $21,848.
Heimann noted that his allocation should have been $29,000 not $9,000.
It was noted that had Heimann allocated 29,000 the average would have been 25,000.
All Agreed $30,000.
Stories Alive Rosenthal revisited application. Spoke to the program and pointed out that they are asking for seed money and they would most likely not need funding again. He also pointed out that this was a good program for children.
Slattery believes that this is a school responsibility and doesn’t fall into the Tourism or Economic Development of Cultural category.
Heimann expressed agreement with Slattery although he believes this is a good program and would like to see them receive funding.
Cody stated that she would like to see the program receive funding.
Slattery clarified that he believes this is a good program, and likes the idea of this being funded if the defense is so strong for it.
Rosenthal believes that this falls into the cultural program.
Slattery stated that one of the reasons he would like to see the program funded is that the requested amount fell close to the grant limit of $5,000.
St Clair Productions. Stebbins pointed out that Heimann, Stromberg and Cody were in favor. Stromberg noted good continuity over the years. Heimann agreed. Rosenthal noted well establishment but feels that program would survive if not funded this year. Stebbins agreed with Rosenthal and believes that it will not hinder their operations if they did not receive the funds.
Southern Oregon Repertory Singers. Slattery stated his approval for this organization. Stromberg believes that this grant would be significant for this organization.
Siskiyou Violins. No comments.
Siskiyou Singers. Heimann commended program on several levels.
Heimann proposed an adjustment.
Rosenthal suggested 2 options; either fund 2 of the three remaining, or fund the remaining 3 at 5,000 and lower all the rest by a percentage.
Stromberg noted that it wasn’t possible to take any money off applicants who received $5,000. Agreed with Rosenthal to look at taking a percentage from all of the applicants receiving more than $5,000. It was agreed to take $300 from each of the applicants receiving over the minimum grant amount. It was agreed to allocate $5,000 to St Clair Productions, Southern Oregon Repertory Singers & Stories alive.
Stromberg requested confirmation that the tourism portion was correct. Tuneberg explained that the total amount is above the required amount and that all applicants will receive contracts outlining their portion of tourism required. Heimann stated that the allocations were well thought out & reiterated the seriousness of the allocations. Slattery noted that this process is difficult and wishes he could fund everyone and thanked all of the applicants.
Final allocations;

Science Works  $  34,700
Ashland Art Center  $    9,700
Ashland New Plays Festival, Inc.  $    6,700
SOPride Inc.  $    5,000
St Clair Productions  $    5,000
Lomakatsi  $  12,700
KSKQ 89.5FM  $           -
Below Stairs Productions  $           -
Dancing People Company  $    5,000
Ashland Gallery Association  $    9,700
Sustainable Valley Tech Group  $    8,950
SO Repertory Singers  $    5,000
Stories Alive  $    5,000
Thrive  $  26,215
Rogue Valley Symphony  $    7,725
Ashland B&B Network  $    9,700
Modern Roots  $           -
Youth Symphony of SO  $    5,000
Klamath Bird Observatory  $  14,700
Siskiyou Violins  $           -
SO Film & Television  $    7,700
Schneider Museum of Art  $           -
Siskiyou Singers  $           -
Rogue Valley Farm to School  $    8,700
AIFF  $  27,200
Heimann/Slattery M/S to accept all allocations as proposed.
Lee stated that the allocations would now be conveyed to the Budget Committee on May 14th 2014.
Tuneberg thanked the committee and staff for their efforts.
Stebbins thanked committee and council members serving as committee members.
Meeting was adjourned at 7:20pm. 

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