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Monday, August 20, 2012


Monday, August 20, 2012
Siskiyou Room, 51 Winburn Way

Mayor Stromberg called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.
Councilor Morris, Silbiger, Lemhouse, Voisin, Slattery and Chapman were present.
City Administrator Dave Kanner announced that Project A was present and recording the Study Session meeting to be posted on uStream.  Mr. Kanner stated that this may be the simplest and cost effective process for recording meetings in the Siskiyou Room.  He encouraged the council to view a link that would be sent out tomorrow to determine the quality of the recording.  He noted that there are problems associated with archiving these files.
1.    Look Ahead

Look Ahead was reviewed and no changes were made.
2.     Discussion of implementation of 2009 sign code changes
Community Development Director Bill Molnar presented staff report and answered questions regarding current businesses that do not comply with the current sign code.  Staff continues to monitor code enforcement problems and noted the need to work toward helping businesses become compliant.  A comprehensive enforcement process is used which is helpful to acquire compliance…
Discussion was held on “minimum size of the site” which is a policy of the comprehensive plan.  This is determined by reviewing the signage based on a proportion of the width of the business. What is being provided is an overall guidance tool and the code is more specific. The sign code is character defining which can be used as an economic guide.
Kanner noted a link he sent regarding lights in the downtown area and asked for council thoughts. Council consensus was that it was a “bit too much.”
3.     Discussion of an update to the encroachment ordinance
Engineering Manager Scott Fleury presented staff report on the update to purchase and install publication boxes in the public right-of-way for newspaper distribution.  Three quotes have been received and are being reviewed determined based on available department funds.  Staff recommends purchasing the K-Jack publication boxes for placement at the designated locations within the sidewalk usage map.
He clarified that USA pays a yearly fee to use the box in the amount of $26 a year and provided the dimensions of the boxes.  The city will maintain the boxes.  The boxes will begin to be installed in November 15 with eight week increments for additional boxes if this works out.  Staff is trying to assess the usage of the Free Paper boxes to determine a fee.  Once they have done this they will contact the users for payment purposes.
4.     Letter of intent for Washington Street extension to Tolman Creek Road
Public Works Director Mike Faught presented the staff report and a map that indicated the area where the extension is being proposed.  He stated that the owner of the property, Zach Brombecker was adamant that he was in favor of the proposed road.  After working with staff, a letter of intent was agreed upon which included purchase of a 54 feet wide section of the property at current market value, build an approximate 700 feet long road with curb, construct and maintain an approximate 80 feet span bridge over Hamilton Creek, relocate existing utilities, assist development in preparing master plan and that all associated City planning costs would be paid by the City.
Mr. Faught stated that the cost for project (road only) is approximately $1million.  He felt that this is as important as the Jefferson Street improvement.  He explained that the Transportation and Planning Commission had recommended approval of staff’s proposal to sign a letter of intent with IPCO Printing Company.
He explained that this would be an important element to the economic development in this area as would force traffic through E. Main Street and change traffic patterns.  State Economic Development Funds and System Development Charges could be used to fund this project.
Concerns regarding truck traffic were discussed along with load count that included new traffic.  Staff offered this proposal as an alternative route but that improvements to the area had not been considered in the overall project or cost. Variances for current buildings would be reveiwed along with water and sewer lines, these costs are not included in the initial estimate including the purchase of the right of way.  Staff stated that it was difficult to estimate as most expenses are time sensitive and that appraisals would be sought.
Concerns were raised by council that the current property owner would need to be in favor of the proposal and that although this road is included in the Transportation System Plan doesn’t mean that there will be a road, only that in the future it could happen.  Staff indicated that if the road is indicated in the TSP, there might be a problem for the property owner in the future for planning actions. 
Councilor Chapman voiced concern and stated that he was not in support to tie this to the TSP.  He stated it was important to recognize what the property owner wants to do with their property. Councilor Silbiger noted the process with which the project should be brought forward.  He felt that this is backward from what is normally. Councilor Lemhouse understood how this could be a contentious issue but, it was worth doing, in this order, to solve potential problems.
Council consensus was for staff to move forward on the letter of intent with the property owner.  It was stressed by council that staff needed to be clear on how to fund the project first.
Staff was asked to provide an update to the overpass.
5.     Discussion regarding GMOs
Councilor Chapman left the meeting at 6:21 p.m. and the Mayor requested that it be noted in the minutes that he was out of order
Councilor Voisin presented the draft letter to the Jackson County Commissioners and noted publications on a ban on GMO.  She asked that the council consider sending a letter of support and explained that the County is still doing its research on the subject.
Councilor Slattery understands that this is a timely issue and that now may be the best time to do this.  He has attended county commissioner meetings where information has been provided.  Does believe that GMO may have potentially a devastating effect on organic farming.  Does support the organic farmers in the valley and personally supports some type of boundary between the two…
Staff was directed to bring back a draft letter for council review.
Meeting adjourned at 6:33 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Christensen, City Recorder

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