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Public Art Commission April 20, 2012

Friday, April 20, 2012

Public Art Commission
April 20, 2012
Regular Meeting
Commissioners: Davis, Bussell, Garrington, Capovilla, Pugh, Friend, Lemhouse (Council Liaison) Hanks (staff)
Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 8:25 a.m.
Approval of Minutes
Minutes were approved with corrections.
Citizen Issues/Proposals
City Attorney (Clarification of AMC 2.29)
The Commission asked City Attorney Dave Lohman a series of questions relating to the powers and duties of the Commission, the regulatory abilities of the Commission, its scope of authority, etc explaining that they have experienced some confusion in the public and within the Commission about how the Commission interacts with art in the community.
Mr. Lohman referenced the powers and duties of the Commission, requested a variety of specific examples so he could properly research and report back to the Commission.  Examples included the potential installation of the polar bears from Lithia Springs to a location inside City limits (ScienceWorks campus possibly), functional public items such as creative bike racks, benches, etc, potential land use code required art (site design standards) located on private property and the interaction of the sign code with public art.
The Commission also discussed how they could better interact with the Parks Dept and their policies and processes as City park land is a logical location for public art.  Councilor Lemhouse suggested the concept of having a Parks Dept Staff liaison to the Commission.  Mr. Lohman also suggested the possibility of creating a formal Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Parks Commission to define the relationship between the Commission and Parks.
Mr. Lohman reported that he would research their questions and examples and respond at a future meeting, but explained that it may be several months due to overall workload and projects already underway.
The Commission thanked Mr. Lohman for his input and willingness to look into their questions and concerns.
Selection Panel  - Fire Station No. 2
The Commission discussed the panel regulations detailed in AMC 2.17.100 regarding the make-up of the panel members and brainstormed different occupations/backgrounds that would be beneficial to have on the panel, including set designer, art professional, gallery owner, architect and/or landscape architect, someone with a curator background as well as a representative from City Staff and from someone in the public who lives or works near the site.  The Commission discussed many specific names of people to possibly include and determined that they would compile and vote on the list at the next Commission meeting.  The timeline for convening the panel was decided to be July.
Criteria to evaluate submission for Fire Station No. 2
Commissioner Bussell provided a draft questions/scoring sheet for the Commission to review and discuss.  The Commission weighed the benefits and drawbacks of a numerical scoring system and determined that yes/no may be the most appropriate and successful model.  The Commission agreed that the draft should incorporate the guidelines that are in the AMC and Commissioner Garrington suggested additions including defining the artistic value of the piece, describing how it should connect with Ashland and how the artist envisions the future sustainability/maintenance of the work.
Councilor Lemhouse reminded the Commission that the Council is discussing improvements to the Plaza and suggested that the Commission may want to think about how it interacts with that project.  Councilor Lemhouse stated that it is uncertain at this point how extensive the project may be, but that he envisions all related City Commissions should have input.
Commissioner Garrington suggested that the Commission could draft a vision statement for the Council to use as the project moves forward that would outline broad concepts and elements that the Commission thinks are important to the space.  The Commission agreed to have Commissioner Garrington develop and present the draft vision statement at a future meeting.
Meeting adjourned at 10:00.

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