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Special Meeting

Tuesday, April 26, 2011





April 26, 2011



Chair Pam Marsh called the special meeting to order at 8:45 p.m. in the Civic Center Council Chambers, 1175 East Main Street.


Commissioners Present:


Staff Present:

Larry Blake

Micahel Dawkins

Pam Marsh

Melanie Mindlin

John Rinaldi, Jr.

Bill Molnar, Community Development Director

Brandon Goldman, Senior Planner

April Lucas, Administrative Supervisor

Absent Members:

Debbie Miller


1.  Approval of Findings for PA-2011-00319, Oak Knoll Wall Variance.


Ex Parte Contact: Commissioner Marsh stated she made a brief house warming visit to one of the houses, but did not go in the backyard or discuss this action. No ex parte contact was reported.


Community Development Director Bill Molnar noted the options outlined in the Staff Memo for an additional condition #6. He clarified Option 1 requires one continuous wall with the same style along all 11 properties; while Option 2 sets a specific 8 ft. wall design, but allows the properties owners to build it in sections and does not preclude an individual property owner from building a 6.5 ft. fence as allowed by the ordinance.


Commissioner Marsh clarified the question before them is not what they believe is the best solution looking back in retrospect, but rather what did they intend to approve when the motion was made. Rinaldi stated it was his understanding that they all understood it was unlikely all 11 property owners would build the same kind of fence, and all of the homes might not utilize the variance. He commented that the best solution would be a continuous wall, but stated this is not what was approved. Marsh agreed with Rinaldi’s recollection. Suggestion was made to amend section 2.5 of the Findings to state “as a result, a condition of approval is included requiring the wall to be constructed with colored and/or textured block. in order to ensure the wall is one cohesive unit which is also aesthetically pleasing”.


Senior Planner Brandon Goldman clarified the first person who applies to build an 8 ft. concrete wall will establish the design pattern that the rest of the owners will have to follow. Staff clarified the approval already requires the blocks be painted, textured and earth-toned, so the design options are fairly limited. Mindlin requested staff make sure the property owners are aware that the first wall section sets the precedent that the rest of the owners will have to follow if they want to go up to 8 ft.


Commissioners Rinaldi/Dawkins m/s to approve the Findings for PA-2011-00319 with the addition of Condition #6 option 2, and amending the sentence in section 2.5 as discussed. DISCUSSION: Mindlin questioned section 2.4 and a friendly amendment was requested to change the sentence to read “… an 8 ft tall wall is merited because it is the minimum necessary to abate the noise and will provide a non-combustible physical barrier to the freeway.” Rinaldi and Dawkins agreed to this amendment. Voice Vote on motion as amended: All AYES. Motion passed 5-0.


Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

April Lucas, Administrative Supervisor

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