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Friday, February 19, 2010


Public Art Commission

February 19, 2010

Goal Setting, Regular Meeting


Commissioners:  Bussell, Edson, Wilkerson, Seltzer (staff liaison)


Absent: Pugh, Wynkoop, Lemhouse (council liaison)





Chair Bussell called meeting to order at 7:30 a.m.


Goal Setting

The Committee focused on identifying and prioritizing goals for the upcoming year.  The committee reviewed 22 potential goals that had been identified over the past year and after voting, developed the following list.


Priority Goals

1)      Identify possible locations for a mural as a ”°neighborhood”± project

2)      Develop a master plan for downtown gateway projects

3)      Develop ”°walking tour”± brochure


Secondary Goal

1)      Implement Phase II of Utility Box Project



1)      Third round Calle Sculpture installation

2)      ”°Endorse ”°Friends of Public Art”±

3)      Finalize location for Hardesty memorial

4)      Meet with Parks re: public art in public parks



Staff will develop draft strategies and timeline for each goal and given.


Meeting adjourned at 9:30


Next meetings:

March 19

DRAFT March 2010

PAC Goals, Strategies and Timelines

S=specific, M=measureable, A=action oriented, R=realistic, T=Timely


1)      Identify location for a mural as a ”°neighborhood”± project within twelve months.



”¤        Consider locations that can be seen by a lot of people but are not in the downtown core. 

”¤        Consider property owner of the location.

”¤        Consider if the mural should be mounted separately on the identified space (e.g. created on a canvas and then mounted or created directly on the location)

”¤        Commissioners should consider funding


April žu PAC approval of at least two locations

May žu Develop talking points/givens

July žu Meet with property owners to discuss the project using talking points and givens

September žu Seek Council approval


2) Implement master planning process for downtown gateway projects within twelve months.


  • Develop a ”°vision”± statement for the process
  • Determine the process and timing (e.g. focus groups in September)
  • Develop the marketing plan to promote the process
  • Consider how to implement the ”°vision”± based on public input


June žu PAC approves ”°vision”± statement for the process

August žu PAC approves process and timing

September žu Secure a facilitator

January žu Launch process

March žu Develop ”°vision”± based on public input

May žu Seek Council approval


3) Develop ”°walking tour”± brochure of public art for print and online access within twelve months.


  • Quality photographs for print and electronic use
  • Design of print piece, need for graphic designer?
  • Distribution
  • Copy


Spring and Fall žu take photographs

Summer žu Develop ”°messages”± for brochure

Summer žu engage graphic designer



  1. Third round Calle Sculpture installation
    • September žu develop RFP
    • January žu issue RFP
    • February žu send selection panel letters
    • April Selection žu panel
    • May installation


  1. ”°Endorse ”°Friends of Public Art”±


  1. Finalize location for Hardesty memorial

Identify possible locations suitable for the sculpture (not Lithia Park)

Consider leaving the piece in current location (impacts Calle round three)

Communicate with donor

September žu final decision on location


  1. Meet with Parks re: public art in public parks

April žu develop list of talking points to discuss with Parks

May/June žu request meeting with chair


Secondary Goal

Implement Phase II of Utility Box Project

(Staff did not develop strategies or timeline for this goals)

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