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Planning Commission

Tuesday, August 10, 2010





August 10, 2010



Chair Pam Marsh called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. in the Civic Center Council Chambers, 1175 East Main Street.


Commissioners Present:


Staff Present:

Larry Blake

Michael Dawkins

Dave Dotterrer

Pam Marsh

Debbie Miller

Melanie Mindlin

Mike Morris

John Rinaldi, Jr.


Bill Molnar, Community Development Director

Maria Harris, Planning Manager

April Lucas, Administrative Supervisor



Absent Members:


Council Liaison:



Eric Navickas, absent



Community Development Director Bill Molnar announced the City Councilís comments and resolution regarding Regional Problem Solving (RPS) will be presented at a public hearing before the Jackson County Planning Commission at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, August 12.


Commission Chair Pam Marsh announced the vacancy on the Planning Commission and encouraged interested citizens to submit applications to the Mayorís office.  



A.         Approval of Minutes

         1.  July 13, 2010 Planning Commission Minutes


Commissioners Miller/Dotterrer m/s to approve the Consent Agenda. Voice Vote: all AYES. Motion passed 8-0.



No one came forward to speak.



A.      Approval of Findings for Planning Action #2010-00582, 1405 Tolman Creek Rd.


Commissioners Dotterrer/Rinaldi m/s to approve the Findings for Planning Action #2010-00582. Voice Vote: Commissioners Morris, Rinaldi, Blake, Miller, Mindlin, Dotterrer and Marsh, YES. Commissioner Dawkins, NO. Motion passed 7-1.


B.      Overview of Pedestrian Node Project.

Planning Manager Maria Harris presented an overview of the Cityís pedestrian node project. She explained this project comes from the ďstring of pearlsĒ concept that was presented at an arterial design workshop that occurred in September 2007. Ms. Harris noted the importance of improving the safety and mobility for pedestrians and  motorists and listed the elements for great pedestrian streets as: good places to sit, transit stop amenities, a network of bike routes and parking, a high degree of transparency on the ground floor of buildings, continuous building walls, and creating private/public open spaces.

Ms. Harris provided the history of this grant. She explained the Planning Division originally submitted a grant pre-application to the state for the Pedestrian Node Project, but was later asked to combine this with the Public Works Departmentís Transportation System Plan (TSP) project. Staff complied and in June 2009 the City received a state grant that incorporated the Pedestrian Node project into the TSP project. She clarified the Public Works Department is managing the overall project, however the Planning Commission will be very involved in the TSP update and the Planning Division will be handling the Pedestrian Node portion (Task #6).


Ms. Harris listed the intersections identified for the Pedestrian Node project as: 1) East Main Street and North Mountain Avenue, 2) Walker Avenue and Ashland Street, and 3) Tolman Creek Road and Ashland Street. She also stated these future nodes share common characteristics including: 1) intersections include one of Ashlandís boulevards, 2) there is an existing auto-oriented development pattern, 3) there are undeveloped and re-developable sites, 4) there are existing bus lines, 5) there are commercial and community oriented uses near the intersection, and 6) there is currently zoned commercial or multi-family residential.  Ms. Harris also touched on the project objects, scope of work, and the upcoming meeting schedule.


Staff was asked to comment on why the Tolman Creek Rd/Ashland St intersection was selected instead of the intersection of Siskiyou Blvd and Bridge. Mr. Molnar clarified because of budget constraints, there was not adequate funding to include all four intersections. Ms. Harris noted the development potential for the 3 lots that were selected, and it was clarified the Siskiyou Blvd intersection was removed from this project since this could have conflicted with the study being done as part of the SOU Master Plan.


Commissioner Marsh recommended they discuss the public meeting schedule for the pedestrian node element. She questioned who will plan and run these meetings and stated she would like for the commission to take on more ownership with this project. Marsh proposed a subcommittee of the Planning Commission be selected to flush out some of these details. General support was voiced for this suggestion and the commissioners shared their input. Commissioner Dotterrer suggested the subcommittee could help assemble the comments from the public meetings and recommended the commission vote on meeting minutes for those workshops to ensure the outcomes are accurately captured. Commissioner Miller suggested examples of pedestrian node projects be presented at the public meetings and recommended they allow citizens to comment on how this project might affect them. Commissioner Mindlin voiced her concern that the public meetings will be more of a presentation format and would like to make sure the public influences the outcome. Ms. Harris clarified the consultantís will not be coming to the first public meeting with a set of schemes. Commissioner Miller recommended they have a good amount of media coverage, and recommended they get the word out early to create buzz. Commissioner Mindlin commented that there is a huge amount of education needed for the public to understand why the City is doing this project and stated it would be great to get this information out in advance of the meetings.


Commissioner Marsh asked for volunteers to participate on the subcommittee. Commissioners Rinaldi, Miller and Mindlin were selected to work with staff in regards to the public workshops.


C.      Approval of changes to Planning Commission Rules of Conduct/Discussion of Chair and Vice Chairs for remainder of 2010

Commissioner Marsh noted the Rules document contained in their packet materials contains an error and corrected copies were handed out at the beginning of the meeting. Staff clarified the error was regarding the Commissions ability to make changes to the Cityís Comprehensive Plan. The old version states any changes have to be approved by the majority of members on the commission, and the new language states only a simple majority of those present is now needed.


Commissioner Dotterrer questioned the language in section 6.3(a)(i) which states a request for reconsideration shall be made at least 15 days prior to the commissionís next regular meeting. He asked if this places a burden that canít be met since there is typically only 14 days between meeting dates. Mr. Molnar clarified staff typically brings findings before the commission 30 days after the decision is made, and commented that he believes the 15-day timeframe was selected in order to have adequate time to evaluate the request and notice the meeting. He stated Dotterrer raises good question and recommended this item be postponed so that staff can compare the language in the Rules document with the requirements in the Land Use Ordinance. Marsh agreed and recommended this item come back at a future meeting.


Commissioner Marsh noted the new procedures change the timing of the chair selection, which previously has taken place in June. She clarified the new procedures state the officers will be selected at their first meeting in January and asked whether the commission would like to elect interim chairs.


Support was voiced for extending the terms of the commissionís existing officers.


Commisioners Mindlin/Rinaldi m/s to extend the terms of the current officers until the elections in January. Voice Vote: all AYES. Motion passed 8-0.


Commissioner Marsh recommended the Commission start thinking about their annual retreat, which is typically held in the fall. Several possible dates were mentioned. The commissioners were asked to email staff the dates they would be unavailable and Marsh stated she would work with staff and send out options.


Meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

April Lucas, Administrative Supervisor

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