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Conservation Commission Monthly Meeting 07/23/08

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


7 p.m. – July 23, 2008

Community Development Center



The meeting was called to order by Vice-Chairperson Finney at 7:08 pm.



Risa Buck, Russ Chapman, Stuart Corns, Ross Finney, Tracy Harding, and Jim McGinnis were present, Jim Hartman and Kerry KenCairn were not  present.


City Council member and Chair: Dave Chapman not present

Staff representative: Larry Giardina



Vice Chairperson Finney called for the approval of the minutes for June 25, 2008.


Commissioner Buck clarified she misspoke at the last meeting under:


Educational PS’

            Commissioner Buck remarked that state wide in Oregon all

             diesel is 5% bio-diesel now.


         She clarified all diesel is 2% not 5% and once production reaches 15

         million gallons then it will go up to 5%.


Commissioner Corns made a motion to approve the minutes with the stated correction and Commissioner Buck seconded the motion.


Voice Vote: All Ayes.  The motion passed with a unanimous vote.




No Comments.




Commissioner Buck updated the Commission for the month.


Compost Classes

            The 2nd compost class had 40 people,  Commissioner Harding

            explained how she supported the class with

Denny Morelli, the instructor. She introduced herself and welcomed

the attendees explaining the Conservation Commission, City of

 Ashland and Ashland Sanitary were the sponsors of the event.  She

introduced Denny and kept track of attendees, late arrivals, and made

announcements giving information/phone numbers of places that were

connected to the class.  For example:  Where you can get local

worms.   Larry Giardina is scheduled to support the class for August



Electronic Recycling

Commissioner Chapman talked about the success of the program and that they are receiving so many TVs.   The law changes  January 2009 which will require landfills to accept computers/monitors and TVs for free. Ashland Sanitary is working with ECS Regenisis out of Santa Clara, California to recycle the electronics. Commission Buck remarked about asking questions regarding where the material will go once it is picked up trying to ensure it stays with our country.


Commissioner Buck remarked there is a proposal to recycle shrink wrap and  plastic bags at the recycle center. 


Commissioner Buck, Harding and McGinnis watched a Shakespeare Green Show performance called Earth Capades ( regarding reduce/reuse/recycle with music and juggling.


Nursery Plastics – The event was held from May 11- June 2  and collected

             1.520 pounds of material.


Jackson County Recycling Partnership and the Master Recycle Program are working on a proposed plastics collection event in November.


Prepaid Leaf Bag Program – Ashland Sanitary will definitely renew the

            Program and waiting to hear from the City if

they would like to participate again.


Brochure --- An updated brochure has information about electronic waste and

            new rates for the Transfer Station.



SOU Pilot Program -- There has been some turnover in employees,  but Eric

            Bitner will help to try and  make the

 program happen.



Bottle Bill – January 2009, all water bottles will have a .05 cent value, but not

           other types of liquid. Ashland Sanitary is working with ORRA (Oregon

           Reuse/Recycling Association)



Educational Radio Public Announcement – On hold until the fall.


Commissioner Chapman reported to the Commission regarding Florescent Bulb Program which the Commission first started with 500.00 grants.  Ashland Sanitary for the first 6 months supporting the program on its own has spent 1,800.00, and Commissioner Chapman wondered if the Commission wanted to help subsidize the program again.  With the news of Home Depoe taking all florescent bulbs then Ashland Sanitary would consider not continuing the program.


He would like to put this item on the agenda for next month after some time to do some research.


Commissioner Buck made a motion that the Commission purchase 50 more bins from suppliers at the best rate.   Commissioner Harding seconded the motion.


Voice Vote: All Ayes.  The motion passed with a unanimous vote.




Sub-Committee Reports

            Green Business Committee

                        Commissioner Finney reported the committee met on August

                       17th and received an update from Robbin. There are 14

                       business that have been evaluated and recommendations

                       developed and then there are new businesses that are not

                       quite at that stage yet.  The Committee wants to finish

with the businesses they have before they take on new 

businesses comprising of  a 2008 “Class”. 


They are:

Ashland Food Coop

Ashland Sanitary & Recycling

Brothers Restaurant

Parkside Inn

Shop and Kart

Standing Stone

Strafford inn

United Bicycles

First Congregational Church

Gorilla Bites

Pam Lott Photography


Eric Larsen

Paddington Station


New Businesses

City of Ashland

Parks and Recreation



The Committee would like to get the first 14 through the entire

process of being defined a Green Business before taking on

new ones.


Other items developing:

Adding text to The Green Business Program on the

City’s Web Site, with links for the participating


Window decal stickers

More staff time, allocation for the program

Linking areas that show what the business has

actually accomplished or photos

New Logo


                                    Next meeting is August 14th.



4th of July

Set aside for next meeting per Commissioner Finney’s


Commissioner Buck was excited at the first attempt for this

event receiving lots of feedback and positive comments.  She 

is hoping for a larger collaboration with the Commission and

the Master Recyclers.  Commission Finney suggested to

keep this in mind for goal setting next year.


Plastic Bag/Non-Petroleum Dinnerware Committee

Commissioner Harding reported that they have met and continued their scurvies with business owners and retail business owners. They looked at the SF ordinance and are looking for positive suggestions that would work for lots of businesses. 


Education Committee

Commissioner Harding reported she would check with Dick

Wanderscheid to see if she can support  with Solar Pioneer

II.  She is involved with many outreach areas such as Britt

Festival, Clearstream education, fairs, and would like to be 

involved with fire camp education.


Cities for Climate Protection Committee

Commissioner Corns reported they are looking at long term goals with objective terms.  He wanted to set aside until next meeting.




Kerry KenCairn

Commissioner Buck reported she mentioned she would be

present at this meeting, and would need to resign at this time.


                        The Commissioners decided to review applications that were

                        submitted and email their suggestions to Chairperson

                        Chapman.  Also Mary McClary was going to contact Kerry

                        KenCairn to ask for a written statement of her intention since

                        she was not present at this meeting.


There was discussion about how to note in the minutes when a member is absent and to let Mary McClary know that you are not attending.  Commissioner Finney suggested we write Not present and Unexcused and Commissioner Buck also suggested Mary or Commissioner Chapman follow up and try to communicate with the member missing.  All members agree notifying when you’re not going to be present should not be difficult.  This item is to be on next month’s agenda.



                        Commissioner Buck clarified that the Clearstream product is

                        called Clear Max, which is a metal protected container that

                        can be used in public places to collect water bottles and

                        aluminum cans. Benefits from using these containers, is non-

                        profit organizations may adopt these containers, service

                        them, use the revenue for their organization while helping to

                        divert recyclables from the waste stream.  Commissioner

                        Buck would like to propose 4 of these containers purchased

                        at the price of $2,196 and a non profit could apply for an

                        Ashland Coop Community Grant of 1500.00 to offset the cost.


Commissioner Finney asked about regulations concerning

using City property (sidewalks) and

Commissioner Buck and Cathy would check and report

back.  Commissioner Buck was looking for

feedback from the Commission on the project.



Car Free Day

                        Commissioner Harding wanted a commitment for the

                        Conservation Commission to host a table, the event takes

                        place September 22.  In addition, RVTV is sponsoring free

                        bus service for that day and the event and RVTV are also

                        sponsoring a commuter challenge.


Commissioner Harding asked  the Commission to join and

commit to tracking converted automobile miles to other

transportation miles.  Also she intends to challenge the other



 Education is a primary goal of Car Free Day and the

 Community challenge is another way to  support that goal. 

 The first week in October would be an announcement

 with awards for the results of the challenge for most miles





            No other items submitted.





            Commissioner Harding announced the Grower Marketplace is now on

             Saturday at the Old Copeland

 Lumber site on East Main, and will remain as a permanent location. 


Commissioner  Buck  announced there might be  another opportunity

to sponsor a Elizabeth Royte event, based on her new book called:

Bottle mania, why water went on sale and why we bought it.


Commissioner Buck wondered if the Commission would consider

supporting an idea of making it a  mandatory requirement for events 

that had 25 or more people, would require recycling or a permit?


The Commission discussed  different events within the City that would

qualify and who would reinforce a policy of this nature.




Next Meeting is scheduled for August 27, 2008.






In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, if you need special assistance to participate in this meeting, please contact the Community Development office at 541-488-5305 (TTY phone number is 1-800-735-2900).  Notification 72 hours prior to the meeting will enable the City to make reasonable arrangements to ensure accessibility to the meeting (28 CFR 35.102-35.104 ADA Title1).


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