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Regular Meeting

Monday, May 22, 2006

City of Ashland






May 22, 2006



Present:   Commissioners D. Amarotico, Eggers, Gardiner, Lewis; Rosenthal; City Council Liaison A. Amarotico; Director Robertson; Superintendent Gies; Superintendent Teige

Absent:    None


Rosenthal called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM at the Parks office, 340 S. Pioneer.


Study Session – April 11, 2006

In the section entitled School Maintenance—Briscoe/Lincoln Options, Eggers asked that the section be renamed Briscoe/Lincoln Options and the first sentence be rewritten to read, “Robertson reviewed the three options presented by Parks for keeping the two playgrounds in the park system.” She also asked that the end of the second sentence be revised to read, “associated costs [for grounds maintenance of the two schools] would be estimated at $126,174,” and the latter half of the sentence eliminated. In the section entitled Greenway Management Plan Discussion, Eggers asked that the sentence be rewritten to more accurately reflect that, “Robertson asked, in the interest of time and despite the fact that the topic had not been included in the evening’s discussion, that the commission move toward adjournment.”

MOTION Gardiner moved to approve the minutes as amended. D. Amarotico seconded the motion.

The vote was: 5 yes – 0 no

Regular Meeting—April 24, 2006  In the “Unfinished Business” section entitled Budget for Fiscal Year 2006-2007, Rosenthal asked that the sentence pertaining to the survey of 100 citizens end with the phrase “the best use of Parks funds would be to spend money on advertising and marketing for the course,” and the remainder of the sentence eliminated.

MOTION Lewis moved to approve the minutes as amended. D. Amarotico seconded the motion.

The vote was: 5 yes – 0 no


Open Forum

Jack Opgenorth, 575 Elizabeth Street, spoke of his concern about the late opening of the Daniel Meyer pool and asked the commission to consider an earlier opening in the future.

Mark Moeglein, 144 Sunnyview Street, speaking on behalf of the Ashland Ice Rink Committee, asked the commission to consider attending a future joint study session to talk about the potential for a permanent ice rink facility in Ashland.

Ellie Read, 398 N. Laurel Street, reported that one of the two horses boarded at the Hersey Street (Vogel property) location died on Thursday, May 18. As the owner of the remaining horse, she asked the commission to consider allowing a companion horse to reside at the Hersey Street barn.





Robertson reminded the commission of the proposed expansion of The Siskiyou School and the developer’s request to obtain perpetual access to the adjoining Clay Street Park. He stated that, at the March meeting, the commission agreed to wait for a decision from the Planning Commission before making a determination on the matter.

Public Input

Tom Giordano, 2635 Takelma Way, developer for The Siskiyou School expansion, reported that he met with the Planning Commission and received approval for a public access easement through the school property to the park. Alternatively, a neighbor whose property borders both the school and the park offered an access easement across his property. Giordano stated that the school representatives accepted the neighbor’s offer and drafted a design plan showing the path crossing the neighbor’s property at grade, bypassing the need to build a bridge across the creek.

RC Heublein, 678 Glendale Avenue, the citizen whose land adjoins both the school and the park, stated that the parties involved agreed that the easement across his property was the compromise that would allow the development of the parcel to move forward.

Discussion Among Commissioners

Commissioners asked Robertson for the number of entrances leading into the park and Robertson reported that there are currently three entrances and that this would be the fourth.

Motion Eggers moved to allow access to Clay Street Park per the plan arranged between The Siskiyou School, the private property owner, and all involved parties. Lewis seconded the motion.

The vote was: 5 yes – 0 no



Robertson outlined the history of the agreement between the Lithia Artisans Market and the Ashland Parks and Recreation Commission for a weekend craft market along the Calle Guanajuato walkway. He reported that the artisans hoped to modify their 2004-2008 contract as outlined in the packet materials.

Public Input

Cyril Maitland, 66 Crocker Street, president of the Lithia Artisans Market, expressed displeasure at the need to justify the market.

Jim Young, 1102 Holton Road in Talent, representing the Lithia Arts Guild, read a prepared statement about the artisans market and made two requests: 1) that the commission would agree to the proposed contract changes; and 2) that the commission would assist the market artisans in restoring spaces 1, 2, and 2-A-B for the marketplace merchants.

Marcus Scott, P.O. Box 1351 in Talent, manager for the Lithia Artisans Market, read a prepared speech stating that the market is the cultural center of the town and asking the commission to help fix irregularities within the contract, listing all the specific issues of concern.

Marcy Davy, 33 N. Main, owner of the Rare Earth store along the Plaza, asked that the artisans be held accountable to their lease agreement and that safety matters be considered and improved along the Calle while the market is in operation.

Matt Frey, a property owner on the Plaza, expressed frustration with the situation on the Calle, with too many people and groups vying for the same space. He stated that the artisans are not following their lease and he asked that it be more closely monitored and controlled.

Susan Powell, 180 Nutley, owner of Pilaf Restaurant, stated that she has more restaurant seating on the Calle this year and she appreciates the greater visibility in that location, and she expressed frustration with early closure of the Calle bathrooms due to vandalism.

Debora Mahannah, 407 Harrison, a member of the artisans market, stated that the artisans have been trying to upgrade the market since the flood and that they are ambassadors for the city and an asset to the community.

Maria DiMaggio, 627 Tyler Creek Road, a six-year member who is proud of the market, stated that market customers are invited to express their thoughts about the market in a notebook. She asked fellow artisan Jean Bakewell to read some of the passages.

Jean Bakewell, 299 East Hersey, reported that the artisans are alert to any problems on the Calle and read aloud some of the passages from the notebook, all of which were favorable.

Beverly Reed, 1372 Iowa Street, stated that she is a member of the market and a strong supporter.

Rob Joseph, 163 W. Nevada Street, a manager of the market, stressed the importance of a thriving market and stated that the market needs 35 to 40 spaces in order to make it lively and attractive.

Dona Zimmerman, 11 N. Main, owner of the Webster’s store, stated that she is impacted by the market artisans because her building faces out to the Calle. She indicated that she has had issues over the years and has tried to work things out with the artisans. In terms of lease change requests, she expressed that she felt they were premature and she urged the commission not to change the lease too hastily. She stated that her problem areas include booths being left up overnight as well as access issues.

Discussion Among Commissioners

Commissioners agreed that they heard four overall themes: 1) contract modification requests; 2) safety enforcement issues; 3) contract enforcement issues; and 4) requests for reinstatement of spaces 1, 2, and 2-A-B.

Marguerite Hickman, Fire Marshall for the City of Ashland, stated that an 8-foot access width would be sufficient throughout the market and that fire hydrants would need to have a 3-foot clearance around them and not be obstructed from view. She also indicated that a helium tank for balloons would be acceptable and a standard fire extinguisher every 75 feet would be ideal.

Teri DeSilva, CAP Officer for the City of Ashland, stated that she has used a new checklist / inspection form along the Calle each weekend to ensure that lease terms are met. She reported that there have been few violations and that each one has been handled quickly.

Commissioners reviewed each lease revision request and made the following determinations:

Section I – Existing Contract Issues

1)          Request to shift setup time from 8:00 AM to 7:00 AM


2)          Change 12-foot clearance to 8-foot clearance


3)          Helium for balloons


4)          Secure the six parking passes stipulated in the artisan’s contract

No more than three cars allowed at any time, none of which should block the sidewalk or bridge.

5)          Restroom Monitoring

Artisans to monitor safety and cleanliness of restrooms and to report any problems.

6)          Space issues

Commissioners agreed to walk the Calle with the artisans and the Plaza merchants, using exact data and mapping information for accuracy, and to facilitate the best overall use of the space.

7)          Make contract more reflective of the reality of the Lithia Artisans Market

Discussion to be continued.

Section II – New Concerns and Requests

1)          Allow booths to be left up overnight

        Discussion to be continued; in the interim, no booths to be left up overnight.

2)          Allow live music on the Calle


Section III – New Ideas of Expanding the Market

1)          Participation in First Friday Art Walk

        Discussion to be continued.

2)          Extend the market by two months – April through mid-November

        Discussion to be continued.

Staff agreed to draft new wording for the changes to the contract for the June regular meeting.


Robertson reported that the subcommittee met on May 16 to consider a request from the Lions Club, the local organization that worked for three years on the restoration of the Madrone Picnic Area in Lithia Park, undertaking the project with the understanding that a plaque commemorating their efforts would be allowed by the commission.

Discussion Among Commissioners

Commissioners asked several clarifying questions about the size of the proposed plaque and its wording. Richard Anderson, the Lions Club representative in attendance, reported that an increase in the plaque’s size would make it more readable and recommended an 11 x 6-1/2” plaque. Eggers suggested sending the proposed size and wording to the manufacturer for mocking up, with an additional review by the commission and the Lions Club prior to its completion. Rosenthal called for a motion.

Motion Eggers moved to approve the proposed size and wording of the Lions Club plaque, with one final review by the commission and Lions Club representatives before its completion. Gardiner seconded the motion.

The vote was: 5 yes – 0 no


Robertson directed the commission’s’ attention to the revised contract, stating that the “wish list” had been removed per their request.

Motion Gardiner moved to approve the revised contract as presented. D. Amarotico seconded the motion.

The vote was: 5 yes – 0 no


Eggers reported that a joint Schools/City/Parks subcommittee meeting occurred on May 18 and the Parks Department’s counter-proposal [regarding the maintenance of Briscoe and Lincoln School grounds] met with a generally favorable response, especially in terms of Parks providing service with no payment from Schools.

Public Input

Melissa Mitchell-Hooge, 271 High Street, stated that she attended the May 22 Special Meeting of the Ashland School Board and reported that the board was interested in asking Parks to maintain all of Briscoe and portions of Lincoln in a park-like setting, with Schools paying for water. She also heard that they were not interested in using YAL money for grounds maintenance.

Robertson indicated that the topic would be discussed at greater length during the May 25 joint study session.

Motion Gardiner moved to extend the meeting to 10:30 PM. Lewis seconded the motion.

The vote was: 5 yes – 0 no


Rosenthal reported that a Youth Activities Levy meeting scheduled for Wednesday, May 31, at 5:30 PM would be held at the Ashland School District office, 885 Siskiyou Blvd.


§            Joint study session set for Thursday, May 25, at 7:00 PM — Council Chambers, 1175 E. Main.

§            Study session set for Monday, June 12, at 7:00 PM — Parks office, 340 S. Pioneer. Topics to include:

§Review of personnel manual

§Executive session regarding employee negotiations

§            Regular meeting set for Monday, June 26, at 7:00 PM — Council Chambers, 1175 E. Main.


By consensus, with no further business, Rosenthal adjourned the meeting at 10:10 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Susan Dyssegard, Ashland Parks & Recreation Department

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