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Regular Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, September 13, 2000

ASHLAND FOREST LANDS COMMISSION SEPTEMBER 13, 2000, 5:30 – 7:00 PM COUNCIL CHAMBERS MEMBERS PRESENT: Jo Anne Eggers, Frank Betlejwski, Fred Binnewies, Richard Brock, Bill Robertson (Chair) Members Absent: Eric Schehen, John Morrison, David Fine (Council Liaison) Staff: Keith Woodley, Karl Johnson Guests: Marty Main, Small Woodland Services; Doug Fong, Parks Department I. CALL TO ORDER AT 5:40 P.M. II. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Five minor changes to the August 2nd and 3rd minutes approved. III. ITEMS FOR DISCUSSION: A. Update on the work of the Ashland Watershed Stewardship Alliance – Eggers reported on the Forest Service’s Alternative 6 and what the possible response may be. Robertson wondered if the rough draft was available to review. Eggers replied, yes, from the Forest Service and added that it (what??) is detailed in FEIS and designed around an area-wide treatment. Monitoring alternative to cutting trees. Brock wondered if it contained a creative way to control mistletoe. Eggers said no, part of Alternative 6 will provide for decisions made after the FEIS. Long term relates to shaded fuel break. Betlejewski thought the watershed analysis was strong in the chronology of events within the watershed. Eggers said the Rogue River National Forest has good documentation as well. Marty Main felt Alternative 6 had more site specific information. Betlejewski wondered if stand exam data was available. Main said, although it was available, it was not complete. Robertson wanted the commission to meet monthly beginning in October after the FEIS is released. Eggers would like the City Council to release the Ad Hoc committee’s findings to the commission. Robertson agrees that they should be made available. Betlejewski found post 1910 fire information and, although he doesn’t have all the information, he said it was possible to construct a FIS map. The 1917 plant data may give ideas on what could be restored in the watershed. B. Fire Season Outlook – Woodley reported that fire season continues until late October. High humidity has helped with conditions. There was a recent meeting with Fire, Parks and Forest Service regarding public closures. The Forest Service gates on the FS Road 2060 have been closed at Four Corners and the Forest Service Boundary near the Nature Trailhead. Vandalism is an on-going problem, but the incidence of trespass at Reeder Reservoir seems to have been reduced by the gate closures. Woodley said there was extreme fire behavior at the Antioch Road fire. Cold campfires are still a problem as is illegal trail construction. No chainsaw use after 11:00 AM. No fires. Total watershed entry closure may be possible, but not likely. Gate closure has had a preventative impact on illegal dumping alone the 2060 Road. Fire Department would work together with the Forest Service if closures were to occur. Woodley has been contacted by Lana Boldt. She expressed concerns for the Tamarack/Park Streets neighborhood. She felt that due to fire danger access to Siskiyou Mountain Park should be closed. C. Eggers asked about letter regarding Toothpick Trail. Woodley wasn’t involved in this. IV. STATUS UPDATES: A. Forest Lands Contracting – Regarding a letter to Woodley (dated July 20, 2000) from Marty Main, President, Small Woodland Services, Woodley wanted the commission to discuss the letter that updated a list potential forest management activities. Main went through the list item by item. 1. Hazard tree removal along City roads was complete and netted a small profit of $400. 2. Stand density and fuel reduction in Winburn parcel, Units 1 and 7, is partially complete. There have been concerns about excessive thinning. Long term monitoring project avoided commercial trees. (What does this mean?) The priority was saving large trees. Brock wondered when the commission could survey the area and asked item be left on the agenda. 3. Plan and implement drainage facilities or permanent road closures on Winburn Parcel, Main met with Dan Sitton who wants to implement drainage. 4. Hazardous tree felling above waterline, has raised many questions. FERC’s requires engineering report on the area. 5. Sixty-nine permanent inventory plots from Reeder Reservoir to city limits, were completed. 6. Possible timber sale, will be reviewed sometime in the future. 7. Upgrade to Alice in Wonderland Trail, REAL Corp is presently doing fuels reduction, further work is dependent upon outcome of negotiations with effected land owners. 8. Burn piles in unit below Crowson Reservoir will be burned this winter. 9. Test plantings in Unity G2; see item 11. 10. Ongoing assessment of previously planted areas, ongoing, also looking at slope stability. 11. Consideration of desired silvicultural work on steeper slopes, similar to area of Alternative 6, area constitutes highest risk for fire hazard. Main provided maps for discussion and reported on what areas have been treated. He reported that the steeper slope areas were the only areas not completed. Woodley would like this item moved up in priority because of fire danger. Robertson wanted the commissions prioritizing of items deferred until next meeting. He asked the commission to meet again in October and plan a field trip for November. He asked the commissioners to prioritize this list before next meeting. Robertson would like a discussion of cooperation with privately owned lands be placed on the next agenda. B. REAL Corps – No report. D. Update on Trail Users Subcommittee – Doug Fong, Parks Department reported that the Alice in Wonderland Trail maps were complete. Betlejewski would like a copy of the map at the next meeting. V. OTHER BUSINESS A. Comments on August 3, 2000 Forest Commission Letter to Council – Robertson was disappointed with the final letter and the handling of the letter at the council meeting . Eggers wondered if the commission members would be attending ad hoc meetings. Betlejewski asked if commissioners should call councilors individually. Robertson thought the commissioners could do as they pleased. VI. INFORMATIONAL ITEMS VII. REVIEW AND SET COMMISSION CALENDAR / NEXT MEETING A. Next Meeting: Set for Wednesday, October 11, 2000, 5:30 PM. VIII. ADJOURN AT 6:55 PM

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