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Economic and Cultural Development Grant Presentations Minutes

Wednesday, March 30, 2005






Economic and Cultural Grant Presentations

Draft Minutes

March 30, 2005 7pm

Civic Center, Council Chambers, 1175 East Main Street





The Citizenís Budget Subcommittee meeting for Economic and Cultural Development Grants was called to order at 7:07 pm on March 30, 2005, in Civic Center Council Chambers,1175 East Main Street, Ashland, Oregon.




Mayor Morrison was present. Councilor Amarotico, Hardesty, Hartzell, and Silbiger were present. Budget Committee members Bond, Lininger, Olsen, Thompson, and Williams were present.



                                                CINDY HANKS, PROJECT COORDINATOR

                                                BRYN MORRISON, ADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARY                           





Morrison/Amarotico nominated Williams for chair. All Ayes.








Lee Tuneberg, Finance Director proposed limiting presentations to 3 minutes. He spoke to the amount available and the amount requested.  He pointed to material provided by the Chamber of Commerce and OSF on how grant funds were used in 2004-05. See attached.




Southern Oregon Film Society, Tom Olbrich, Darrel Pearce- Mr. Olbrich spoke to the use of the grant funds in 2004-05. He stated that they have 200 volunteers and only ten paid full time staff. They are challenged by success, and the community wants them to grow. Councilor Alex Amarotico asked if the 10 paid staff were year round. Mr. Olbrich replied that there are typically 3-4 year round. Councilor Cate Hartzell asked about their long term plan. Mr. Pearce explained that they are trying to increase the number of dates to more venues and increasing merchandising. Mr. Olbrich added that they received funding for first time from outside the region this year and they are building toward other grant support. Mr. Pearce added they are looking at national grants. Councilor Russ Silbiger added that the Chamber gave them in-kind support. Mr. Olbrich clarified that they traded with the Chamber for advertising, which resulted in saving them $350. Jay Lininger, Budget Committee member asked if their request is for 3 staff positions. Mr. Olbrich responded that it would pay a portion of the expense.


Siskiyou Singers, Jeff Lawniczak- Mr. Lawniczak gave background of the organization. He mentioned that they are an asset to the community. They give two performances per year at SOU, have a CD out, perform at the Festival of Light, and at the Feast of Will. He added that they are asking for funding for sheet music and to help keep ticket prices down. Ms. Hartzell asked what role the website played. Mr. Lawniczak responded that it helps with several activities, education, and outreach. Lynn Thompson, Budget Committee member asked if they perform out of Ashland. Mr. Lawniczak responded that they do not. He added that they perform to an estimated 2400 people every year. Dave Williams, Budget Committee member added that the Feast of Will is free and added that he values the cultural aspect they have in the City. Ms. Hartzell asked if they have any corporate sponsors.  Mr. Lawniczak responded that they are looking into it and it is hard to get funding.  


St. Clair Productions, Ariella St. Clair- Ms. St. Clair stated that they have been producing concerts for 10 years in Ashland in which they do 2 different series. They rent the Unitarian center to keep costs down. They hold workshops during the day featuring the headliners and the tourists like the hands on learning from the experts. Councilor Jack Hardesty asked why they picked January to hold their event when the weather is so bad. Ms. St Clair responded that it is a three day weekend for Martin Luther King Day, and they try to bring tourists to Ashland in the off season. 


Rogue Valley Symphony, Francis Van Ausdal, Tom OíRourke- Mr. Van Ausdal explained that the whole season is in Ashland this year. There are 5 concerts at SOU. He added that all the musicians are paid for concerts and rehearsals and they try to attract tourists in the off season. Mr. OíRourke explained that their objective is to make the prices affordable so the average person can attend. James Bond, Budget Committee member asked if they receive grant support from other foundations. Mr. Van Ausdal responded that they receive funding from several foundations. Mr. Bond asked if they had requested funding from Indian casinos. Mr. Van Ausdal responded that they are planning to request funds again. Ms. Hartzell asked if they would consider cutting the performers pay back. Mr. Van Ausdal responded that they are paid $1,500- 2,000 per year and they try to increase 3% every year, and they do not want to cut it back.


Southern Oregon Historical Society, John Enders, Richard Seidman- Mr. Enders explained how Ashland is passionately committed to its history and the only community that doesnít have its own historical society. Mr. Enders added that Sandra Slattery from the Chamber of Commerce has said that the brochure is one of the most requested publications they have. They are asking for funds to update the design and reprint 7,500. Mr. Enders explained that their budget has been cut by Jackson County. Mr. Silbiger asked what percent of their budget goes to Ashland history. Mr. Enders responded that it is impossible to determine because they are a county wide organization. They provide many services to Ashland, but it is not always in Ashland. 20-25% of their membership is from Ashland. Mayor John Morrison asked how long the supply of brochures would last. Mr. Enders anticipated them lasting 3-4 years.  Mr. Williams asked if they are supported by other municipalities. Mr. Enders responded that Jacksonville supports but is nothing similar to Ashland and Medford participates.


SOWAC Microenterprise Development Center, Hellen Wallace, David Calley-  Ms. Wallace spoke to their new goal to work in cooperation with the Chamber.  They provide quarterly seminars for Ashland business people and are requesting funding for an hour of counseling for participants of seminar.  She pointed to page 4, question #10 has an error and should be partial funding not fully. Ms. Hartzell asked what in the program budget the Chamber will pay for.  Ms. Wallace responded that the Chamber is paying part of the seminar costs. Ms. Thompson asked how their offerings differ from other educational programs. Mr. Calley responded that they are hands on class room situations and are more affordable. Ms. Wallace explained that they are required to provide ongoing counseling and technical assistance. Mr. Olsen asked if they get support from other areas.  Mr. Calley responded not from Medford, but they do from Grants Pass through the Community Development Block Grant Program. Mr. Morrison asked for an example of a micro business. Mr. Calley responded that it would have under 10 employees and are sole proprietors. Mr. Morrison asked if any of the students return to the organization and set up scholarship funds.  Ms. Wallace responded that they come back and advise based on need.   


Arts Council, Lyn Godsey-   Ms. Godsey explained that the funds are to sponsor 4 weeks of artist in school residency program and they will provide hands on instruction. Ms. Thompson asked if they were in Ashland schools last year. Ms. Godsey responded that they have been in the last eight years. Ms. Thompson added that they are an important part of the art curriculum and asked if they had looked into Youth Activity Levy funds. Ms. Godsey responded that they had not and are not sure if the committee would contribute. Mr. Williams asked how the program is funded in Medford. Ms. Godsey responded that the schools pay for the full cost. Ms. Hartzell asked how it was paid last year in Ashland. Ms. Godsey responded that the schools paid for it.


ScienceWorks, Chris Hostetler, Sharon Javna- Ms. Hostetler gave the background of the organization and explained that the programs are solid and serve 35,000 people of which 10,000 are of school age. They collaborate with many groups and are working toward more community support rather than foundation support. Ms. Hartzell asked how they work with the Chamber. Ms. Hostetler replied that they work closely with them but budget constraints limit what they can do. Ms. Hartzell asked what private support they had received. Ms. Javna responded that the building is rent free and they receive $100,000 per year in private funding.   


Artattack,Justin Lockwood- Mr. Lockwood gave the history of the organization. He added that they have been in publications throughout country and their Monday night performances pull in tourists. They are requesting funds to replace the stage and to sound proof the theater.


Konaway Nika Tillicum, Adria Medeiros-   Ms. Medeiros stated that this is the only organization of its kind on the west coast. They focus on encouraging higher education for youth and educating residents of Ashland on their culture. They hold 2 free performances per year. Mr. Williams asked where the students who participate are from. Ms. Medeiros responded that they are from Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and California. Mr. Williams asked how many attend each performance. Ms. Medeiros responded 50 at each performance. Mr. Bond asked if they anticipate getting money from the Cow Creek Indians. Ms. Medeiros responded that the Cow Creek Indians do not have funds this year, but they will apply next year. Ms. Hartzell asked if they work with the Chamber. Ms. Medeiros responded that they havenít in the past.


Ashland Gallery Association, David Bjurstrom, Richard Le Vitt- Mr.  Bjurstrom explained the important role they play in the community. He spoke to their mission. They represent 32 member galleries. The majority are owned by people that live in Ashland. He added that they struggle to make ends meet and many businesses downtown benefit from them. They publish the Ashland gallery guide and organize the Taste of Ashland. They are requesting funds for advertising and promoting the area. Ms. Hartzell asked that the membership fees where. Mr. Bjurstrom responded it is $350 per year per gallery, $250 for associate galleries, and $25 for artists. Ms. Hartzell asked if there has been any discussion to increase dues. Mr. Bjurstrom responded that they have talked about it but they are not going to at this point. Mr. Morrison asked what they would do if they did not receive the full amount requested and would the new events be cut. Mr. Bjurstrom responded they would still have the events but promotions would be cut back.


Break until 9:00


Youth Symphony of Southern Oregon, Larry Cooper- Mr. Cooper explained that they are in their 17th year of operation. They have 200 student musicians and 1,800 people will see performances in 2004-05. Their usual venue is at SOU and now have a performance at OSF. He spoke to their funding and that is comes from a diversified base of private, corporate, tuition from students, ticket sales, membership, and donations. Ms. Hartzell asked about the funds used in 04-05 and if it was for administrative support. Mr. Cooper explained that it was for organization expenses and advertising. Mr. Cooper included that they may raise tuition in future years but they do not turn any kids away due to financial problems.  


ArtNow, Katherine Gosnell, Jay Leighton- Ms. Gosnell spoke to the activities of the organization. They have the WACO weekend which is a wild art car show around the 4th of July.  They have workshops creating art on cars and activities during the 4th of July parade.  The request is to be able to reimburse artists for gas money. They now are able to provide lodging and meals but would like to provide more. Mr. Silbiger asked about their  501 (c) 3 status. Ms. Gosnell responded that they have a state registry number and are working on getting their 501 (c) 3. Ms. Thompson asked how many kids were enrolled. Ms. Gosnell responded that they have 20 children at Briscoe. Ms. Hartzell asked how the Chamber helps them and why they should fund them when others need funding also. Ms. Gosnell responded that some artists want to come but are not able to because they will not get any reimbursement.


Rogue Opera, Lorrie Hall, David Mackenzie- Ms. Hall explained that the funds requested would help support outreach programs, opera in the schools, and a mentoring program. She added that 162,000 children in last 18 years have witnessed their productions. They expect 17,000-18,000 this year. Ms. Thompson asked if they were able to get funds from the Youth Activity Levy (YAL). Ms. Hall responded that they did not request funds from YAL.  Mr. Mackenzie added that he thought they were not eligible.


Community Works, Stephanie Atkinson- Ms. Atkinson spoke to the program at Lithia Springs and the Mission candles they produce. They are looking to grow the business through marketing and the website. She added that they are a high value to youth in community and their long range goal is to make money to meet expenses and purchase more for the youth in the program. Ms. Hartzell asked if the youth were paid. Ms. Atkinson responded that they earn minimum wage and can earn a raise if they are successful in the program. The Committee questioned the funds that were granted last year and how they were used.  Ms. Atkinson responded that they are working to increase sales and local outreach and were able to hire a part time sales person. She feels confident that they will show a profit this next year.


Lithia Arts Guild, Liberty McGeorge-Kester, Jim Young- Ms. McGeorge-Kester spoke to the money they were granted last year and how it was used. They were able to start an artist in residence program. They are requesting funds for a winter art fair and for lighting and festival events. They would like to be able to supplement artists.


Thrive, Wendy Siporen- Ms. Siporen spoke to the importance of local support of government. She spoke to the food connection conference and that 65 businesses and individuals participate. She added that they support the buy local campaign. Ms. Hartzell asked about the demographic page and how many came from more than 50 miles.  Ms. Siporen responded that it is less than 1%.


Oregon Stage Works, Peter Alzado, Kate Sullivan- Mr. Alzado spoke that the funds are to develop a theater program for youth. He spoke to the productions and the low cost of tickets for children. He explained that through their program, children experience what it feels like to have value. Mr. Williams asked what the number was that they reach. Mr. Alzado responded that they reach12,000 per year. Mr. Morrison asked where the youth come from. Mr. Alzado responded that they come from Ashland, Talent, Medford, Rogue River and some from Texas and California.


Ballet Rogue, Glenn Hill, Bob Cole- Mr. Hill explained that they are working toward building back to be a cultural icon. The request would fund four shows and they are trying to cut expenses. Ms. Hartzell asked what they would do with the $5,000. Mr. Hill responded that it is mostly for the junior company, student dancers and for the director to coordinate rehearsals.




Mr. Tuneberg asked the Committee to propose their allocations on the spreadsheet provided for the following night. Ms. Hartzell encouraged the Committee to look at the resolution for rationale in funding.




The meeting was adjourned at 10:05 pm.


Respectively Submitted,


Bryn Morrison

Administrative Secretary



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