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Wednesday, March 09, 2005





Social Services Grant Presentations

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March 9, 2005 7pm

Civic Center, Council Chambers, 1175 East Main Street





The Citizen’s Budget Subcommittee meeting for Social Service Grants was called to order at 7:05 pm on March 9, 2005, in the Civic Center Council Chambers, 1175 E. Main Street Ashland, Oregon.




Councilor Hartzell, Silbiger were present.  Budget Committee members Bond, Lininger, Mackris, Olsen, and Thompson were present.



                                                LEE TUNEBERG, FINANCE DIRECTOR

                                                BRYN MORRISON, ADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARY




Budget Committee member Kathleen Mackris / Councilor Russ Silbiger nominated Budget Committee member Ray Olsen for chair.  All ayes.








Gino Grimaldi, City Administrator explained that the need for funds is over what the resources allow.  He explained Resolution 86-35 which identifies that General Fund dollars will fund Social Services.  He spoke to funds that were available and the amount requested.  He told the Committee to limit the presentations to 3-5 minutes. The Committee discussed the maximum time that would be allowed per presentation and 3 minutes for the presentation with time after for questions was allowed.










Larry Kahn, Help Now! Advocacy Center -Requested $8,000. He spoke to what the organization offers. He mentioned that the organization is a new organization. They help seniors and minorities who need someone to speak up for them and they assist in resolving disputes on a case by case basis. They bring disputes to the attention of law enforcement and have education and prevention programs.  Lynn Thompson, Budget Committee member asked about demographic assistance, 7 in Ashland out of 45 during the first year.  Mr. Kahn responded that it was about half a year. Ms. Thompson asked where the clients would come from. Mr. Kahn responded that Ashland would be 15-20% of the clientele. Cate Hartzell, Councilor asked how they decide on who to serve.  Mr. Kahn explained that the disabled, seniors, and minorities are the priority groups but they do not turn away others. They do not charge any fees and all of the staff are volunteers at this point. James Bond, Budget Committee member stated that it would be helpful for new organizations to submit supporting documents from agencies they work with.  Mr. Kahn stated he would provide the Committee with referrals the next night. Jay Lininger, Budget Committee member asked if funds are primarily to pay for staff and operations. Mr. Kahn explained it would help launch program work and 50% is administrative and the rest is program work. 


Philip Yates, Access, Inc. - Requested $5,000.  He spoke to the food need in Ashland. He explained that they recover surplus and salvage food.  He explained in the last four years, they have started a food rescue program, obtaining excess food from


restaurants. Mr. Silbiger asked how the 3,400 Ashland clients was determined.  Mr. Yates explained that they served 80,000 pounds of food to Ashland and it was individuals. Ms. Hartzell asked if they asked for funding from Medford. Mr. Yates responded that they had. Ms. Hartzell asked if they work with ICCA. Mr. Yates responded that they do not and explained that the need in Ashland is big enough for two food banks. Ray Olsen, Budget Committee member asked what funds were from Medford.  Mr. Yates responded $44,000.


Rita Sullivan, OnTrack, Inc. - Requested $ 2,000. She explained that they are requesting funding to maintain a councilor presence at Ashland High School. She explained that programs in the valley have been cut back. There is a greater awareness now for substance abuse than ever. Ashland kids use at higher rate than the state average. This would allow them to maintain 6 hours at the high school and access for middle school children. Ms. Mackris asked how at risk are identified. Ms. Sullivan responded from councilors, teachers and some are voluntary. Mr. Olsen asked how older youth access the facilities.  Ms. Sullivan responded that they are integrated with DHS and they serve regardless of ability to pay.


Maggie Sullivan, Planned Parenthood- Requested $5,000. They are requesting to fund the teen theater program. They estimate they serve 1,000 Ashland residents, 700 youth.  This would subsidize the costs of training. She presented a video. Ms. Hartzell asked what they would do if they received less.  Ms. Sullivan responded that they would do what they could to find funds elsewhere.


Larry Where, Children’s Dental Clinic- Requested $3,000. Mr. Where explained that in 2003-04 they saw 300 patients and offered $286,000 in free care of which $55,000 was for Ashland residents.  Mr. Lininger commented that the portion of administrative expenses is low and asked how they keep it so low. Mr. Where explained that Rogue Valley Hospital donates the space and that works out to a contribution of about  $150,000.


Jane Hamilton, Children’s Advocacy Center- Requested $3,060. Ms. Hamilton spoke to the organizations support of sexual abused or seriously abused children.  They do not require payment for services and served 34 children from Ashland last year. Ms. Hartzell stated that the figure in question #12 was high because of so many volunteers. Mr. Olsen pointed that the typical cost per service is $100 per child in Ashland. Ms. Hamilton explained that would provide 90 hours of service to Ashland kids.  Mr. Olsen suggested that organizations think about the funding they are asking entities for compared to the number served.


Becky Snyder, RV Manor Community Services- Requested $1,500 for Foster Grandparent and $2,000 for Retired and Senior Volunteer Program. Ms. Snyder explained that they are trying to reach lower income seniors by providing them financial assistance. They have 7 foster grandparents from Ashland that are working in Ashland with 150 children. The RSVP program is for 55 and older and 87 Ashland residents are working through RSVP. Their efforts are sustained by federal grants, but



they are required to match 10%,  in Foster Grandparent and 30% in RSVP.


Carrie Hanson, The Salvation Army- Requested $5,000. Ms. Hanson explained that they provide direct assistance and case assistance in Ashland. They provide food, rent clothing, prescriptions and assistance with utility bills for low income Ashland residents. Mr. Olsen asked how much coordination they have with Access and ICCA.  Ms. Hanson responded that they are one of Access’ food pantries.


Anna Demato, Community Works- Requested $20,350 for Dunn House, $8,400 for Help Line, $2,140 for Parent Education, $5,000 for Sexual Assault Victim Services. Ms. Demato spoke to the function of the Sexual Assault Program. They education to law enforcement agencies and are legal advocates for survivors.  They are requesting funding to support the volunteer program. Dunn House provides temporary shelter for domestic violence and assault victims. The Help Line is a crisis phone system. Mr. Olsen asked if they had connections with SART.  Ms. Demato explained that they provide the same program; nurses, advocates and law enforcement.  The Parent Education Program offers free parenting classes at Dunn House and at Ashland Head Start. The Personal Safety Program teaches children techniques for protecting themselves. Mr. Olsen asked why there was 0 served in Ashland. Ms. Demato explained that they were not allowed to come into the schools last year and this year they will work with churches. 


Peg Crowley, Community Health Center- Requested $30,600.  Ms. Crowley explained that the funding would provide 695 visits to the health center. 1292 residents were served basic health care and preventive health care last year. Ms. Thompson asked if they are limited in their ability to market to people with insurance. Ms. Crowley responded that they can turn no one away but they do target the uninsured. They assess everyone’s income and charged based on a sliding fee scale.  


Jim Sims, Center for Nonprofit Legal Services- Requested $5,500.  Mr. Sims pointed to a correction on page 3 question #11, Medford should be Ashland.  He stated that they had 810 new cases last year and Ashland cases represent 7-10% per year. They handle housing and consumer matters for people at or below the poverty level.


Julie Brimble, SMART- Requested $4,500. Ms. Brimble explained that the program invites people in the community to read with children in the schools and those children receive a new book twice a month.  She pointed to a correction on #17; City of Medford is $10,000. The funds would be used to purchase books and perform background checks on volunteers. Ms. Hartzell asked if they had looked at corporate sponsorship. Ms. Brimble responded that they have funding from many agencies.


Break until 8:40


Shawn Martinez, SODA- Requested $5,000. Ms. Martinez gave statistics on drug use by Ashland students. She expressed the need to educate children and promote drug free businesses. Ms. Thompson asked how they came up with $5,000. Ms. Martinez




explained that they are targeting the same number of youth in Ashland and Medford. Ms. Hartzell asked to clarify who the conference will serve.  Ms. Martinez responded that it will be county wide. Ms. Hartzell asked how SODA competes to treatment facilities.  Ms. Martinez responded that SODA takes many different strategies for prevention. Mr. Lininger asked what portion of the $23,700 goes to training for job supervisors versus the conferences. Ms. Martinez responded $500 goes to training and bringing in the guest speakers.   


Ed Mayer, CASA- Requested $2678. Mr. Mayer explained that CASA is a state mandated program and the only program like it in Jackson County. There are 104 volunteers, serving 281 children currently. There are 330 children waiting for a CASA. They recruit, train and supervise volunteers. The volunteers investigate and advocate on behalf of children. Mr. Bond asked what the screening program was for volunteers.  Mr. Mayer responded that they do criminal background checks, interviews, and have an orientation process. Ms. Thompson asked if the request funds for expansion. Mr. Mayer answered that it does.


Mary Lynn Fitton, Stacy Haddorff, The Art of Yoga Project- Requested $18,500. Ms. Fitton explained that they build self respect and image through their program. They empower young women. Ms. Mackris asked if they had done any follow up on women they have served. Ms. Fitton and Ms. Haddorff explained that a survey will be developed, and some of the women have helped put together a book.  Ms. Hartzell asked if it was primarily centered around the Lithia Springs Program until now. Ms. Fitton responded that it was but they are planning to work with others in the future.


Sharon Schreiber, CERVS/ICCA- Requested $18,000. Ms. Schreiber explained that they served 14,000 in Ashland, 40-60 people per day last year. 25-30 % were students. They provide emergency services, food, transportation, and prescription assistance. Ms. Thompson asked how many were transients. Ms. Schreiber responded out of 40-60, 20 were transients. Ms. Hartzell asked if the funds they were requesting would only go to operations. Ms. Schreiber responded that some would go to staff but it all is for direct services for clients. Ms. Thompson asked why Medford provides a lower financial contribution. Ms. Schreiber responded statistically and historically they have provided less.


Leslie Hurlen, Southern Oregon Child Study and Treatment Center- Requested $3000. Ms. Hurlen explained that the funds are to provide for children and families without health insurance.  The funds would provide for 28 additional families. They received referrals from families and schools on who needs assistance. Mr. Lininger asked if they provide for people who are not eligible for the Oregon Health Plan or private insurance. Ms. Hurlen responded that they do. Ms. Thompson asked what the criteria was for eligibility. Ms. Hurlen responded that they ask the client if they have insurance or if they can pay.


Pam Swisher, Easter Seals- Requested $5,000.  Ms. Swisher explained that the funds would help subsidize sessions for summer camp and provide skilled care providers. She




explained that with better recruitment, they can give more Ashland parents opportunities to participate. Ms. Hartzell asked if they had explored corporate partners.  Ms. Swisher explained that Easter Seals explores many sources of funding for all of their programs. Ms. Hartzell asked if all income is assisted.  Ms. Swisher responded that they charge on a sliding scale that it is income based.


Trinity Respite Center- Requested $3,000.  No representative for the organization was present. Mary Miller from Mediation Works spoke on their behalf. She is impressed with the care that they give and they primarily serve people in Ashland.


SOASTC- Requested $3,060. No representative for the organization was present.


Susan Rolan, Judith Rosen, Jackson County SART- Requested $10,000. Ms. Rolan explained the function of the organization and gave statistics of sexual assaults. She explained that a SANE nurse supports the victims. Ms. Mackris asked if they have an office at the university. Ms. Rolan answered that they will be providing service to the Health and Wellness Center. Ms. Hartzell asked what the percentages on the client demographics page represented. Ms. Rolan explained that they are predictions of the percentages they will serve.


Mary Miller, Mediation Works- Requested $8,000. Ms. Miller explained that they were founded in Ashland. They are asking for funding for Community Neighborhoods Program and the Victim Offenders Program. They work to bring people together and help in neighborhood disturbances. They prepare the offenders to meet the victims and put them through four classes to prepare them. Mr. Lininger asked how often juvenile offenders compete all four classes. Ms. Miller responded that 75% complete the program. Question #5 needs to state $117 per youth. Ms. Thompson asked if the programs were only in Ashland. Ms. Miller explained that they are county wide. The committee asked to clarify the client demographic page.  Ms. Miller expects 350 next year to be served from Ashland.


Kim Miller, Options for Southern Oregon- Requested $6,190 for only one year. Mr. Miller explained that they work with chronically mental ill adults. They are seeking funding for equipment for an employment program.  Mr. Lininger asked how equipment supports program. Mr. Miller responded that it will assist staff out in the field and will help them look at outcome and accountability. The committee questioned the amount served in Ashland.  Mr. Miller did not have an exact figure from Jackson County; the figures come from the State Mental Health Division.


ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 10:10 pm.



Respectively Submitted,


Bryn Morrison

Administrative Secretary


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