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Tuesday, February 04, 2003

ASHLAND AIRPORT COMMISSION February 4, 2003 MINUTES MEMBERS PRESENT: CHAIRMAN PAUL ROSTYKUS, , LINCOLN ZEVE, ALAN DEBOER, BRENT THOMPSON, RICHARD HENDRICKSON, ANN SKY, BOB SKINNER, FBO STAFF: PAULA BROWN, DAWN LAMB MEMBERS ABSENT: DONALD FITCH, MARTY JACOBSON, WILLIAM SKILLMAN 1. CALL TO ORDER: 10:00 AM 2. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: November 5th minutes were approved as written 3. OLD BUSINESS: A. Taxiway Paving & Excavation Project Excavation work is complete, remaining storm drain work and paving will be completed with better weather. A design will be done to complete the turn-out on the taxiway behind the Sky hangar. The proposed road behind the FBO Office and maintenance hangar connecting the parking lot to the Sky Research Hangar is in the plans for construction also. Sky and Brown have discussed financing. Brown informed Commission that the ODA will be doing another overlay for the runway as part of their maintenance program. The cost will be $250,000 and we are liable for a $10,000 match. This will be a blow to our budget but we need to have this work done. B. Beacon Light Tree Trimming Trimming complete, was it enough? Yes commission was happy with the result, beacon is more visible. C. Skinner Lease Update Subcommittee has met and have had some productive meetings. Skinner’s lease is automatically renewed with the condition that the fuel flow charge will be increased by 2˘ to offset the cost of the self-fueling system. A new lease is still in the works to incorporate new policies. The goal is to reach a lease which is equitable to both Skinner and the City. The subcommittee will continue to meet as needed to reach a resolution with Skinner on the lease. D. Self-Serve Fueling Update AirBP has offered to share cost for the self fuel unit in exchange for a five year exclusive contract with Skinner. The offer is for a $7,500 credit toward the system. Skinner has no reservations over signing a five year contract but would like to have some assurances that if for some unforseen reason the contract must be broken that the City will be able to payback AirBP the remaining amount of the contract. The fueling system will belong to the City and not to Skinner Aviation and it seems reasonable for this responsibility to be the City’s. Action: Thompson asked to have the staff attorney draft an agreement for this situation. 4. NEW BUSINESS: A. James Matzger Hangar Construction Proposal Lamb has been in contact with Mr. Matzger who is interested in building a hangar adjacent to the Day Hangar, the hangar proposed would be 60 across and 40 deep to match the facing of the Day hangar. Mr. Matzger has agreed to match the color of the Day hangar. Mr. Matzger has been sent the lease, hangar construction requirements and has been made aware of the agreement that John Day has with the City to refund the cost of the site preparations. This will be an additional $1,200. DeBoer brought up the topic of new areas for small private hangars. As the airport layout is now there is no location for small private hangars that would not include excavation work or that would need to wait until taxiways were constructed. This should be a consideration of our future grant requests and master plan. Action: Commission approved Matzger’s proposal and look forward to seeing the plans. Staff will contact Matzger and inform him that he should move ahead with his plans. B. Commissioner Terms DeBoer wanted to take the opportunity to remind Commissioners that there will be three vacancies to fill in April. If Commissioners would like to reapply they need to contact the Mayor’s office. C. Web Camera Zeve asked if this topic could be brought up for discussion soon. Fitch had been wanting to make a presentation. Staff will include it on the next agenda. 5. AIRPORT MANAGER REPORT/FBO REPORT/AIRPORT ASSOCIATION: A. Status of Airport, Financial Report, Review of Safety Reports Signage at each end of the runway needs attention. 6. OTHER: A. Superunicom Update – Skinner spoke with Tom Franklin, FAA, about six weeks ago and they are awaiting final FAA approval on the system. Skinner will follow up and report further at next month’s meeting. B. Master Plan Update – Brown reported that our plan will be grouped with two other plans being updated around the state. This will save us the cost of administering and advertising the project. The cost is $60 - $70,000 and we are liable for 10% ($6-7,000). The plans are being funded through the state’s enhancement funds. Brown will bring more details to the Commission next month. DeBoer asked if there were alternatives. This cost seems high and wasteful of state funds for an update. Brown said that the plans are to be done to specific FAA requirements, one of which is an update every ten years. Our current master plan is outdated and the engineering firm that completed it has gone out of business. It would be beneficial to the AIP applications to have a more up-to-date plan showing current and future plans for the airport. It would also be more efficient to have digital copies of the information available as a resource. Rostykus asked if staff had looked into cost comparisons for this work, could we achieve the same end at less cost. Sky agreed with the notion that this is an expensive endeavor for an update and supports the idea of cost shopping. Action: Thompson moved to support Staff in pursuing getting the master plan updated to the accepted Federal level and if other options warrant to go out on our own so be it, Staff should pursue. Seconded by Zeve. Passed unanimously. C. Sky Signage Sky has been looking into putting up their corporate sign but was concerned about the height of the poles and font styling. If any new sign is to be added after Sky’s it would be too low to the ground to be visible. Sky asked if they could make the poles longer. This would have to be approved through Planning, but their sign was already approved. The sign height requirement might be compromised. The lettering should be in Sky’s corporate logo. Sky can ask Planning if longer poles would be ok or it could be put off until the next sign is added. Sky’s parking lot will need to be redone. Brown and Sky meet at the airport to discuss options. The construction of the driveway behind the FBO hangar will need to be stepped up to accommodate the Sky employees. Brown and Sky will continue to work to resolve this issue. D. Airport Appreciation Day There is some concern that the liability for airport day is becoming too great. Maybe Commission should consider retiring airport day. Skinner commented that it is a big day for the airport to be a part of the community. The complaints are always around ten a year. He would hate to see airport day retired. Rostykus suggested not having flights. Hendrickson commented that the Young Eagles are covered under their own insurance policy. Hendrickson would hate to lose the event. Thompson suggested that there should be no changes but that we could look into ways to be safer. This is a good thing for the community to be a part of the airport. DeBoer was concerned that without Clark Hamilton there may not be volunteers for this year’s event. Hamilton has been instrumental in making this event happen for the past few years. Skinner did the first few years and then it became overwhelming. Most people do look forward to it. It gives children a positive view on flying. The Airport Association needs to be resurrected. Commissioners should start asking around for interested volunteers. 9. NEXT MEETING DATE: March 4th, 10:00 AM ADJOURN Meeting adjourned at 11:05 AM

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