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The original intent for The Grove was to serve as a Youth Recreation Center that would be managed by Community Works, a Medford social service agency. The Youth Rec Center was the vision of the late Steve Groveman, an administrator for Community Works who garnered community support for a teen center in Ashland.

In the late 90s, the City offered land for the future youth rec center. This donation assisted in making the low-income teen center viable. Funding for the actual building came from a CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) award from the City of Ashland’s HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development) funds and private donors. The final construction cost for the building was nearly $900,000, and in March 2000, the 8,000 square foot center was completed.

A requirement of the HUD funding to build and support The Grove, was for Community Works to meet the low-income beneficiary HUD requirements. Sadly, Groveman passed in 1999, and Community Works struggled to attract youth to the center. This combined with budget cuts and a sluggish economy eventually led Community Works to expand the use of the building to activities beyond youth recreation in an effort to offset operational costs for the building.In late 2003, Community Works closed the doors on The Grove and the ownership of the building reverted to the City. HUD then required the City to pay back the CDBG contribution for the building. Once this happened there were no requirements on the use of the building.

The initial CDBG funds granted to Community Works to build The Grove totaled $249,850. In early 2004 the City was able to get credit from HUD for the time that the building was used in accordance with the HUD guidelines as a low-income youth recreation center, and consequently the amount required to pay back had deflated to $214,887. The repaid funds were credited to the City’s HUD line of credit, which were then reused for another CDBG eligible project. Ultimately these funds were used to purchase land for six affordable housing units.

The Grove is located at 1195 E Main St in Ashland.

More information on The Grove…
The Grove is currently used as a Recreation Facility for all ages. Many programs are operated out of the building including Ballroom Dance, Community Folk Dancing, Tai Chi, Line Dancing, Tap Classes, Garden Club meetings, Dog Training classes, AARP Tax Aide, and more to come since folks are feeling more comfortable returning to the inside.

The building also is home to operation “bike program,” refurbishing bikes to be used for the bicycle safety education program in the schools as well as donation of bikes to community members in need. It is also the location for the annual Rogue Valley Bike Swap. 

The Grove front office is open to the public Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9 a.m.-1 p.m.; however, the building is used seven (7) days a week for programs. The Recreation Division staff also have office space at The Grove. The Division houses the Volunteer Program, operates the Ashland Rotary Centennial Ice Rink, North Mountain Park Nature Center, Daniel Meyer Memorial Pool and various other general recreation programming opened up to the entire community. Staff and local community meetings often take place at The Grove. 

The OHRA (Options for Helping Residents of Ashland) shower trailer is temporarily housed behind the Grove on Tuesday and Thursday from 10 a.m.-3 p.m until their permanent home at OHRA facility on Washington St is ready.

In the event of a disaster, The Grove will be used as an Emergency Operations Command Center.
The policy for surplus vehicles states that if a vehicle is valued at less than a $10,000, the City Finance Director and City Manager can approve the donation or sale to another government agency or nonprofit organization. If the value is over $10,000, council approval is required. If a local agency is not identified as benefiting from the donation or sale of a decommissioned vehicle, agencies outside of the area are considered.
The Siskiyou Fire in 2009 was investigated by ODF (Oregon Department of Forestry). They can be reached at for more information. The Almeda Fire investigation remains open and ongoing with detectives from APD (Ashland Police Department) and JCSO (Jackson County Sheriff’s Office) following new leads, exhausting old ones and remaining dedicated to solving the case – Learn more
Submit a public records request by completing an online form. The time needed to process the request varies from 30 minutes, up to two or more weeks for for in-depth requests. For more information, please visit the City Recorder page
Due to the drought, limited TID (Talent Irrigation District) water and budget restraints, it has been necessary to reduce irrigation in many City Parks, and that includes the Oak Knoll Golf Course. The reduction in TID water has had the biggest impact on the Oak Knoll Golf Course. For more information on Irrigation during a Drought, please visit
The Climate Energy Action Plan (CEAP) and water conservation are supported by two (2) City Climate Commissions, the Climate Policy Commission and the Conservation and Climate Outreach Commission. This is in addition to a growing number of residents who volunteer their time to educate other community members on the benefits of water conservation and climate adaptation improvements. The Ashland Climate Collaborative is continuously working to message the community on these subjects. For more information visit

The Intergovernmental Agreement with the Medford Water Commission for water conservation services is working well and the City does not expect to make any changes in the future.

Currently, the City has a staff position that is functioning parttime, working on the CEAP. This position will be posted as a fulltime position by the end of 2022/first part of 2023.
If a public body, its officers, agencies, departments, divisions, bureaus, boards or commissions are using social media or their personal phones and computers to conduct business (not limited to informing citizens, initiating or seeking opinions, interacting with citizens or other public officials, etc.), then they are subject to Oregon public records laws and such interactions could also implicate public meetings law. 
Crosswalk striping will be added at the following locations on Siskiyou Ave:
  • West side of Park St
  • West side of Terra Ave
  • West side of Tolman Creek Ave
The engineering design for improvement to the Community Center, and Pioneer Hall, will be discussed at the November 14, 2022, Ashland City Council Study Session. ADA bathrooms are part of the improvement plan. Learn more
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The City of Ashland utilizes Nixle to alert you of local emergencies and advisories. Complete information at It's important to remember that EVERYONE in your family (partner/spouse, young adult, teen, tween) should register in the Nixle system. You can choose how you want to sign up (cell, email, etc.)  
The Ashland Japanese Garden design includes a tea house; however, the funding for a tea house is not in place for Phase I, which will be complete in October 2022. An Opening Celebration of the Ashland Japanese Garden will take place on Saturday, October 22, 2022. Stay abreast and find more information at  
The City would use a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) as a tool of last resort, only after consultation with Ashland Fire & Rescue and local weather forecasters. The likelihood that a PSPS would be required is minimal.

The Electric Utility completed, and City Council adopted, a Wildfire Mitigation Plan in 2022.The plan emphasizes many of the things the City is already doing to reduce wildfire risk and makes some suggestions for things the City can do to be better prepared. 

The inspection process for fire hydrants is ongoing and rotates between four (4) zones in the City. Crews focus on one (1) zone at a time to ensure that all hydrants are functioning properly. (All hydrants are inspected at least once during a one-year period.) Hydrants are also reviewed when a request is made for a flow test for a new project, such as a new home.
Reeder Reservoir Ashland’s primary water source is Reeder Reservoir, located in the mountains above Lithia Park. Reeder Reservoir receives its water from the Ashland watershed which begin at the peaks of Mt Ashland and Wagner Butte and flow into the East and West Forks of Ashland creek before entering the reservoir.  

In addition to Ashland’s primary water source, the City has two secondary supplies. These include supply from the Talent Irrigation District (TID) delivered through their canal system to the City that can be treated at the water treatment plant, and delivery of treated water from the Medford Water Commission through the Talent-Ashland-Phoenix (TAP) intertie.

Learn more
The City of Ashland has public charging stations for electric vehicles at the following locations:  
  • Ten chargers at the parking lot at Lithia Way and N Pioneer St - 130 N Pioneer St 
  • Two chargers at the Hargadine St parking garage - 175 Hargadine St 
  • Four chargers at the parking lot at The Grove - 1195 E Main St 
The stations are offered at no cost to the user due to money received through the Oregon Clean Fuels program.

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