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AFN Has All the Right Connections

While large metropolitan cities across the nation are considering the feasibility of building a fiber network to drive economic development and improve residential and commercial connectivity, the innovative small town of Ashland created the Ashland Fiber Network over fifteen years ago.

AFN’s 1 Gigabit direct fiber service is another reason new businesses, along with new residents have been welcomed into our technologically vibrant community.
Ashland is an amazing place to live and work, and that sentiment was recently validated by the world’s most relied upon online search engine. In the winter of 2014 Google presented Ashland with their Google ecity award recognizing our community for the second consecutive year as the digital capital of Oregon. Ashland businesses have embraced AFN, connecting to the internet to acquire new customers and communicate with existing customers. This connection ultimately grows their businesses, and fuels our local  economy.
Conducting business online requires bandwidth, or a big communications pipe to the internet world. Ashland businesses large and small rely on AFN for direct fiber-to-the-premise 1 Gigabit connections. AFN has over 25 miles of fiber optic network reaching every corner of our community.  
To complement its fiber services, AFN built a 120 mile HFC network to provide homes with competitive and affordable cable modem services of up to 100Mbps download speeds. Residential internet activities continue to grow and flourish and AFN stays ahead of growing new applications with ongoing development of robust technological solutions to meet the changing needs of our customers.
Another advantage of relocating or starting a business in Ashland is our city is a vital member of the Jackson County Electronic Commerce Zone. Qualifying businesses receive income tax credits and other incentives towards infrastructure to conduct the majority of their business online. 
 AFN’s community broadband services enhance the livability and productivity of our schools, community organizations and local businesses, enticing everyone from artists to entrepreneurs to relocate to our wonderfully unique community.
MovieMaker magazine named Ashland the number 1 Best Places to Work and Live for small towns in 2015. Movie directors and editors require a ‘large pipe’ internet connection to transfer digital film files and MovieMaker magazine recognized AFN’s exclusive fiber optic network as the ultimate connection to meet the needs of the movie production industry.
AFN recently launched a colocation service for business
servers and other computing hardware. AFN’s colocation services help businesses safeguard mission-critical data with the highest levels of operational reliability and security.  AFN’s data center is conveniently located in the middle of the City, directly behind the Ashland Police Department.
Owned and operated by the City of Ashland, AFN’s robust services equal or surpass the services available in most major metropolitan areas and are backed by friendly local customer service and expert technical support staff. New residents are pleasantly surprised with AFN’s superior service and are amazed how inexpensive AFN services are compared to what they were accustomed to in a larger city.  AFN’s 1 Gigabit fiber-to the- premise service is readily available and amazingly affordable.
 AFN works closely with the Ashland Chamber of Commerce to quickly and cooperatively meet the demands established and new businesses in our community.
Current AFN and partner services include:

  • Fiber-to-the-Premise
  • Colocation Data Center
  • Small Office Internet
  • Residential Internet
  • HD and Digital Cable Television
  • Home Telephone
  • Business Telephony Solutions
  • Computer and Network Support

AFN encourages prospective Internet customers to explore their service options with AFN and its retail partners.  There are several ways to connect to AFN services. Contact information listed below:
Municipal Telecommunications Service

AFN Retail Partners

Ashland Home Net
AFN's official cable television partner
Internet, telephone, and support services

​Internet, telephone, user support, and business services

Ashland's National Public Radio (NPR) affiliate
Internet and user support services

Computer Country
Internet and user support services


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