Electrical Safety Around Your Property & Home

Electricity is a safe form of energy when it is used correctly. But caution should always be used around electrical devices, since even a very small
amount of electricity, such as the amount used by a Hand tool or Christmas tree bulb, can be fatal.

Electricity has a property of always trying to find the easiest path to the
ground. It travels through conductors, preferring water, metals and wire, and
people. Electricity causes a fatality when a human body provides a path for
electricity to travel to the ground.

Safe use of electrical equipment requires awareness of surroundings.

When working on a roof, be aware of where the ladder is in relation to the
service drop and overhead power lines.

When using an electrical appliance near water, such as in the kitchen or
bathroom, use a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI), which can interrupt
current flow before it becomes fatal.

Make sure children stay away from electrical outlets, and learn not to climb
trees or fly kites near power lines.

Faulty electrical wiring in a household is a major contributor to fire-related
deaths. If you suspect faulty wiring in your household, have it inspected by a
qualified electrician.

When moving metal irrigation pipes always look up, contact with an
overhead electric Line can kill you.

Before you dig a hole or ditch, call for locates you could hit a buried electric
line and the very least it will do is burn your shovel up. The City of Ashland
Electric Department has a safety program it puts on for schools. If you
Would like us to come and put it on for you please call and make a date.
Phone 488-5357

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