Croman Mill District Updates

The former Croman Mill site consists of approximately 70-acres and was home to sawmill operations for 62 years, from 1934 1996.
McGrew Lumber 1960
In 2010 the City adopted the Croman Mill District Plan  to guide the future revevelopment of the site. Key objectives reviewed during the creation of the Croman Mill District Plan and implementing standards included:
  • preservation of employment lands
  • buffering the neighborhood to the west
  • mitigating traffic impacts to Tolman Creek Road
  • preservation of natural areas (creeks, pond, and wetlands),
  • a central open space element
  • providing a street network incorporating truck, transit, pedestrian, and bicycle access
  • creating a unique identity to improve visibility of area.
Future Redevelopment
In September of 2021, the owners of the former Croman Mill site, and the development team named Townmaker's LLC, began conceptualizing the future development of the property for a mixed-use development incorporating commercial, employment, light industrial and residential uses. 

Currently in the design phase,  once a final proposal is submitted to the City for review and consideration, public hearings will be scheduled before the Planning Commission and City Council.  The City Council is expected to have a update on the status of this proposal on October 15, 2022. 
Townmakers LLC concept - Qamar Illustration
Illustration by L. Qamar

Upcoming public meetings Meeting archives

Current Clean-Up Status
The former mill site consists of approximately 70-acres and was home to planning and sawmill operations for 62 years, from 1934 1996. At the time that mill operations were abandoned, the property contained an abundance of decommissioned equipment, construction material and piles of debris and organic material. Between 2012 and 2022 approximately 1,000,000 cubic yards of old mill debris have been excavated and sorted into wood waste, concrete waste, asphalt waste, and metal debris,  for removal from the property.  This work continues and within the document archive section below current information regarding this ongoing clean-up effort is provided. 

Document Archives
Truck Load Logs
 (Provided by Croman Corp.)
Site Assessment Reports
(City Staff) 
July 2022 Truck Log  May 2022 Staff Site Assessment
June 2022 Truck Log  March 2022 Staff Site Assessment
May 2022 Truck Log City Council update memo 8/02/2022
April 2022 Truck Log  November 2022 Staff Site Assessment
August 2022 Truck Log  
October 2022 Truck Log  

Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Documents

SCS Engineers Site Investigation Data report dated 06/19/2023

Draft Site Investigation Workplan  
DEQ site inspection 8/20/2019
DEQ site inspection 5/1/2015

Concerned about current onsite activities being a public disturbance? Please contact the City of Ashland Code Compliance Division using the Municipal Code Complaint Form 

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