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Minutes SERJ sub committee

To: Ann Seltzer, staff liaison for SERJ 


Minutes from Subcommittee meetings on October 14, 2021 & October 21, 2021  


Participants on October 14,2021   Gina DuQuenne, Amit Choudhary Emily Simon and Cheri Elson  


Participants on October 21, 2021     Amit Choudhary Emily Simon and Cheri Elson 



October 14 – 1Discussion re: status of EDI at the City of Ashland.  Ann Seltzer had floated idea (via email)  of a DEI professional assisting the city in implementing a meaningful program in that regard.  Much discussion ensued regarding job descriptionand funding for such a person.  Gina suggested that someone write a document concerning why we need this person, and that we explore job descriptions of other municipal EDI  programs, as well as potential funding sources for that person. The plan would be to then present to City Council the need for the position document  along with a  specific recommendation for a funding source.  Gina also mentioned the training done by Mike and Emily Green, from On Common Ground, and suggested that Tina Gray  be contacted regarding that training.   Emily agreed to write the document regarding the need for the EDI manager, and to contact Tina Gray. Cheri agreed to explore the job descriptions of other municipalities and potential options for funding sources, including potential grant funding.  


2) Culturally competent calendar:   there was a  discussion regarding city staff using a culturally competent calendar and how to implement culturally competent scheduling. Gina thought that an electronic calendar would be the best.  Because most of the time was used regarding item #1 above, we did not finish this conversation.  The idea was to determine if we could get a change in this regard prior to the start of 2022 so that in 2022 Ashland City Staff was aware of and using a culturally competent calendar.  


October 21, 2021 


Task #1 – Emily presented the attached document, and the subcommittee authorized it being presented to the entire commission for their review and acceptance in guiding the subcommittee’s work.  Emily reported about her very helpful conversations with Tina GrayShe will continue these conversations with Tina, and perhaps with Mike and Emily Green. Cheri reported about the information she had gleaned regarding a potential job description, funding sources, granting proposals, etc.  


Since no one on the committee has the time or the ability to search for grants in this area, and Ann  

Seltzer Does not have the time to do so, we discussed asking Gary Milliman, to see if he could assign another staff person to assist in that area.  


Emily suggested that as we have a professional DEI manager on the commission Anyania, that we should be asking her to join the subcommittee. The others agreed and Cheri took on the job of determining from Anyania if she was interested in doing so, and if so, if it was possible for her to join under the commission rules.  



#2) The calendars 


We continued our conversations about the calendars and the work in that area which needed continued exploring.  We discussed and reviewed the Outlook calendar currently in use by the City and discovered that it does not contain holidays beyond the standard Christian observances. Cheri agreed to ask Anyania what calendaring system OSF uses, and Amit agreed to ask SOU the same. 



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