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Questions from SERJ

SERF Commission Meeting, October 7 4:00 p.m.
Questions from SERJ to Tina Gray and Gary Milliman
  1. Please clarify all demographic data for City of Ashland employees over the last 5 years.
  2. Please highlight and clarify any Social Justice/Racial Equity/ or other Equity initiatives within the City of Ashland. Who holds those initiatives, who is responsible for seeing them through, and how does the SERJ commissions work support those initiatives if at all?
  3. Please clarify what constitutes work? In our last meeting there was a discussion that laid out the commission's inability to "to create or assign additional work to city employees" we're asking for clarification to ensure that we're staying within the guidelines. Gary Milliman
  4. What sort of diversity training do the current City of Ashland employees have at this time?
  5. Who is receiving this training? (Staff and supervisors, or just one of the other?)
  6. Who is giving the training? How often does it happen?
  7. Has it been vetted by the BIPOC community? If so, when and where and how was that input that you received?
  8. Whatever happened to the walk a mile training that was proposed as part of the racial justice and social equity work plan resolution that preceded the formation of the commission?
  9. Is the training different for different areas in the City? For example, does public works, vs. parks and recreation, have their own training and if so, who is responsible for seeing that it happens and what it contains?
  10. Is there a current mechanism for members of the pubic who feel that they have been treated differently, or have suffered a micro aggression by a City of Ashland official because of their race or other status to complain and if so, what is that mechanism and how is it communicated to the individual?
  11. What calendaring system are schedulers using to assure that they are culturally competent regarding scheduling dates that fall on religious holidays?
  12. How are minority hires being supported so that they feel welcome, included and valued?
  13. Is there a mechanism for a minority hire to raise issues regarding racism or other discrimination or micro aggressions in their work environment to supervisors and if so, what is it?

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