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Apply to receive a Green Debris Bin

green debris
Fill up one of these 25 cubic yard debris bins!
(Fire Department Staff for scale)

Can your neighborhood fill up a Green Debris Bin with flammable fuels? 

The City of Ashland received a grant from Oregon Department of Forestry to deploy 20 green debris bins in our community. The goal of providing the green debris bins is to allow neighborhoods to remove their flammable green debris, thereby reducing the wildfire risk to the neighborhood and to the community. The bins are 25 cubic yards, and will need to be placed in the street within your neighborhood. The bins are approximately 16' long, 8 ' wide and 6' tall. As of 5/4/21, there are still a couple bins available, so please sign up if you are interested!

If you would like to sign up for your neighborhood to receive a green debris bin, you may apply below.

Click here to Apply for a Green Debris Bin for your neighborhood!

A few important notes to consider for your application:
1. Only one application per neighborhood - COORDINATE WITH YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD BEFORE YOU APPLY and designate one person as the applicant. This person will also be the point of contact for the City to respond to your application. 
2. Neighborhoods are required to provide AT LEAST 20% of the cost of the bin. Bins are ~$400, so your neighborhood will be expected to provide at least ~$80 for the bin. APPLYING NEIGHBORHOODS WHO CAN PROVIDE MORE THAN 20% MATCH MAY BE MORE STRONGLY CONSIDERED TO RECEIVE A BIN.
3. Applying neighborhoods who can describe how they have provided information about the green bins as an opportunity to reduce wildfire risk to the neighborhood will be more strongly considered to receive a bin. 
4.  Bins will be placed in your neighborhood sometime between Mid April and Mid May. We will work with you on a case by case basis on scheduling your green debris bin arrival and pick up. 
5.  If you apply, Ashland Fire & Rescue will follow up with you whether or not your application was successful or not. Please do not contact the department asking about your application - we will contact you on April 15th.
6.  Please answer all the questions to the best of your ability. Your responses will help us rank the applications in terms of which neighborhoods will be able to most reduce their wildfire risk. If you have any questions about the application, please contact wildfire@ashland.or.us


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