Housing Capacity Analysis

The City of Ashland adopted the 2021-2041 Housing Capacity Analysis (HCA) on August 17, 2021. 

More about the Housing Capacity Analysis
The HCA is a technical document intended to identify issues with residential land use and unmet housing needs. The HCA addresses the specific requirement of Oregon’s Statewide Planning Goal 10 and OAR 660-008.   The project involves three major components:

  • Residential Buildable Land Inventory (BLI). In Oregon, cities have Urban Growth Boundaries (UGBs) which must accommodate residential, employment, and other land needs for the next 20 years. The Residential Buildable Land Inventory will identify how much land within the UGB is already developed and how much remains available to meet future housing needs. The City of Ashland developed and adopted its Residential Buildable Lands Inventory in 2019. This project will include an update that shows lands that have been developed since June 2019.
  • Housing Capacity Analysis (HCA). The Housing Needs Analysis will identify “what” the needs are. It is based on an official population forecast, and it will identify the number and characteristics of households the city needs to plan for today and in future years. Further, it will identify the different types and mix of housing to meet the needs for Ashland households of different income levels. Based on this information, it will identify how much land will be needed for different housing types. Comparing the capacity of the current residential buildable land supply in the UGB to the identified residential land need will clarify if current plans and policies will meet these needs.
  • Housing Strategy. The Housing Strategy will identify “how” to address identified housing needs. The Housing Strategy will recommend policies to meet the identified needs in ways that will provide housing choice for Ashland’s residents.

Project Funding:
The Oregon Legislature appropriated funds to the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) for the purpose of providing technical assistance to local governments in increasing the affordability of housing within areas experiencing severe rent burden. As approximately 34% of renter households in Ashland experience severe rent burden the City of Ashland qualified for funding assistance from DLCD to update the City's 2012 Housing Needs Assessment. Through partnering with DLCD,  EcoNorthwest, and the City of Ashland was able to update housing needs projections addressing housing types and price levels, residential land needs, and identification of measures for accommodating needed housing. 

Public Meeting Schedule Archive

Documents and Meeting Archives:  Completed reports, and meeting materials, developed throughout the process of conducting the Housing Capacity Analysis will be provided here. 

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