2018 Election

Elected City Officers serve four year terms and the election for these positions are held in November of every other year. 

2018 General Election Results

Restrictions on Political Campaigning for Public Employees per ORS 260.432.

Notice of Election 2018

Below are the current positions up for election:

MUNICIPAL COURT JUDGE                               
(currently held by Pamela Turner)                

Completed Petition Submitted by:
Pamela Turner
CITY RECORDER                                             
(currently held by Melissa Huhtala)               

Completed Petition Submitted by:            
Melissa Huhtala   

COUNCIL POSITION #2                                     
(currently held by Michael Morris) 

Completed Petition Submitted by:
Michael Morris

Completed Petition Submitted by:
Theodore White

Completed Petition Submitted by:
Tonya Graham

(currently held by Jackie Bachman)

Completed Petition Submitted by:
Jackie Bachman

Completed Petition Submitted by:
Alfred Willstatter

Prospective Petition Submitted by:
Tonya Graham

Completed Petition Submitted by:
Julie Akins

(currently held by Stefani Seffinger)
Completed Petition Submitted by:
Stefani Seffinger

Completed Petition Submitted by:
Carol Voisin

(currently held by Stephen Jensen)

Completed Petition Submitted by:
George Kramer

Completed Petition Submitted by:
Stephen Jensen

Completed Petition Submitted by:
Randy Dolinger

(currently held by Michael Gardiner)

Completed Petition Submitted by:
Michael Gardiner

Completed Petition Submitted by:
Timothy Kelly

(currently held by Matt Miller)

Completed Petition Submitted by:
Jim Bachman

Completed Petition Submitted by:
Julian Bell

Prospective Petition Submitted by:
Howard McEwan

(currently held by Rick Landt)

Completed Petition Submitted by:
Rick Landt

Completed Petition Submitted by:
Howard McEwan


Qualifications for Candidacy for City Offices
City of Ashland

November 6, 2018- General Election


  • Registered to vote in the State of Oregon
  • Resides within the City of Ashland limits

First Day to File-May 30, 2018
Filing Deadline- August 16th at 5PM 

The following manuals will guide you through the nomination by petition process to run for Ashland City Offices:

Candidates Manual
Campaign Finance Manual


How to File 

Step 1: File Your Prospective Petition

Complete the three forms listed below and file them with the City Recorder. For your convenience please call to set-up an appointment for this process.

SEL 101 Filing for Candidacy for Nonpartisan Nomination
SEL 121 Petition for Nonpartisan Nomination
City of Ashland - Voluntary Contribution and Spending Limits for Candidate

Step 2: File Your Completed Petition

It is recommended that the candidate sign the first line on the first sheet of the prospective petition SEL 101. This will allow the Elections Officer to verify residency and voter requirements.

All signature sheets must be approved by the City Recorder, in writing, before circulating any petitions. Failure to do so will result in the rejection of those signature sheets.

All signature verifications need to be done at the County Clerk's Office. Candidate must take petitions to the County Clerk for signature verification prior to submitting to City Recorder.

Circulate the approved petition (SEL 121) for signatures. City of Ashland candidates must collect 25 valid signatures to place a candidate on the ballot. It is recommended that you collect at least 30 signatures before submitting signatures to the County Clerk for verification (Ashland Municipal Code 2.40)

Submit Petition Submission (SEL 338) along with the County approved verification of signatures.

Step 3: Follow Campaign Finance Reporting Requirements


Register Your Campaign Committee

Prospective candidates file with the Elections Division for the Oregon Secretary of State a Candidate's Statement of Organization (SEL 220) and Campaign Account Information (SEL 223). These forms are not required if the candidate is acting as his or her own treasurer and expects to spend less than $750 during a calendar year. This filing must take place within three business days of receiving the first contribution or making an initial expenditure. These filings can be done electronically and additional instructions can be accessed at: Candidate Quick Guide on Campaign Finance reporting in Oregon. At this website you can login and register, by clicking on the OreStar icon, leading you to instructions that will guide you through the registration procedures. For additional information, contact the Elections Division at 1-503-986-1518.

Please review the Campaign Finance Manual for instructions and a schedule of filing deadlines. Campaign Finance forms are filed with the Secretary of State's Election Division. All candidates are required to have a dedicated campaign bank account if they receive contributions or make expenditures over $750 during a calendar year.

If you do not expect to receive a total of more than $3,500 or spend a total of more than $3,500 for an entire election, you may file a Certificate of Limited Contributions and Expenditures (PC 7). If at any time during the election, the total expenditures or contributions exceed $3,500, you must file detailed contribution and expenditure reports.

Sign Regulations

AMC 18.96.030 Exempted Signs
E. Temporary signs not exceeding four square feet, provided the signs are erected no more than 45 days prior to (September 22nd) and removed within seven days following an election (November 13th).


Voter's Pamphlet

Candidates can file a statement in the Voters' Pamphlet with Jackson County Elections Division. Contact information: 541-774-6148

Filing deadline for the Voter's Pamphlet is September 10, 2018

Cost for filing is $100

Forms most likely needed are:

Forms can be obtained only at the Jackson County Election's Office.


Election Offices

City of Ashland
Melissa Huhtala, City Recorder
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
20 E Main Street
Ashland, OR 97520
(541) 488-5307

Jackson County Elections
Chris Walker, County Clerk
1101 West Main Street Ste 201
Medford, OR 97501
(541) 774-6148

State of Oregon Elections Division
141 State Capitol
Salem, OR 97310
(503) 986-1518

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