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Section: 469

Frequently Asked Questions


If your citation is computer generated, you will find your citation number in one of two places:
On the top located after:

Ashland Police Department- CITATION E0000000

Or at the end of your citation. Your citation number generally begins with the letter E, unless it is a hand written complaint. If it is hand written, contact the Court for your citation number.

Appearance is not mandatory. You may call, submit a written plea, appear at the counter during office hours  on or before your scheduled appearance date.  

The Judge requests your presence on all Municipal Code Violations. If you are unable to appear , you must contact to the court prior to your scheduled date and time, to arrange a new appearance date.

Your appearance is required. Failure to appear will result in a warrant for your arrest. If you are unable to appear, you must submit a written continuation request to the Judge, prior to your scheduled appearance date. Your request for continuance must be approved by the Judge.
*Please allow at least one week for your case to be filed with the court.

First,  contact the Court to check the status of your case. Any clerk will be able to assist you.

You are subject to:
  •  $15.00 suspension fee.
  • Court action against your driving privileges in the State of Oregon.
                You are subject to:
  • 25% collection fee
  • With late/missed payment, your case may have been turned over to Southern Oregon Credit Services for Collections.

The Judge or City Attorney may have requested:

  • An Order for Show Cause may be sent you at your last known address ordering you to appear in court on a specific date/time to explain to the Judge why you are not in compliance with your probation or DSA.
  • A warrant for your arrest due to non-compliance.
  • Additional fees may be assessed

Traffic & Code Violations:

To request a trial, you must submit a written plea of "not guilty" on or before your scheduled appearance date. You can do this by mail or by appearing at the Court counter during office hours. Once the Court receives your plea, you will be given a trial notice with your trial date. You must sign and return this form to the Court a week prior to your trial unless otherwise instructed by a clerk.

Trials are generally held on the 2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month at 1:30pm. Some blackout dates may apply.  If you cannot appear in person, the Court offers a Trial by Affidavit. Contact the Court for more information.

The Court does not appoint representation on traffic and code violation cases. If you wish to retain your own attorney, you must file a notice of representation 10 days prior to your trial.

The Ashland Municipal Code is located online on the City's home page or by clicking here.

Complete the questionnaire and return it to the court ASAP. Please visit our Jury Duty section on the website for more information.

First,  contact the Court to check the status of your case. Any clerk will be able to assist you.

 Oregon DMV- Customer Assistance: (503) 945-5000


Southern Oregon Credit Services Inc.: (541) 773-6238



Do not go to the Municipal Court in person.
The clerks are unable to assist with parking tickets.

Call (541) 552-1422 Monday-Friday 8:30 am-5:00 pm to pay your parking ticket by phone.

Parking enforcement is handled by Diamond Parking, a private company contracted by the City of Ashland to enforce parking laws.

If you received a parking ticket, your options are listed below.

Option #1
Pay the citation Option #2
Appeal the citation:
        Write a letter, within 10 calendar days, explaining why you are appealing the ticket.

         Mail letter and payments to:
         Ashland Parking Enforcement
         PO Box 566
         Ashland, OR 97520
The Ashland Municipal Judge will review the letter. If the charge is dismissed, the check is returned to the sender.  

The appeal process usually takes two weeks.

 All appeals must be made in writing



All Ashland Municipal Court warrants are serviceable in Jackson County only.

To clear a warrant you must:
  1. Turn yourself in to any local law enforcement agency in Jackson County, Oregon.
  2. Appear at the Ashland Municipal Court during office hours. An officer will be called to serve the warrant.
  3. Appear any Tuesday morning at 9am for arraignments (excluding holidays.)  You will be placed in the Bailiff’s custody until you appear before the Judge.  

If you were cited for a traffic violation and you would like more information, please visit the State of Oregon website:  or click here.

Pay Here

WARNING! If you have a traffic citation, you might be eligible for diversion or a traffic program. If you pay your citation before you are approved to participate in the diversion or traffic program, your citation will be placed on your DMV record and the case will be CLOSED. Diversion or a traffic program will no longer be an option for you. Click here for more information on diversion and traffic programs.

Forms of payment: Cash, Check, Cashier’s Check, Money Order,  Credit/Debit : Visa,
Master Card,Discover Card.
* Cash payments must be made in person.
* Check, Cashier’s Check, Money Order all payable to the
City of Ashland.

Please include your full name and docket number for processing.

Mail to:
Ashland Municipal Court
1175 East Main St
Ashland, Oregon 97520

*It is your responsibility to submit monthly payments. The Court does not have the ability to set up automatic withdrawals from your account.

*If your compliance date falls on a date that the Court is closed, you are expected to comply no later than 5 pm on the following business day. Otherwise, your account will be considered past due. 

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