Water Conservation Programs

Water Savings Guide - Self Analysis
​For residents interested in conducting their own "self-audit", the Conservation staff have put together a a Water Savings Guide to provide resources on ways that you can evaluate your current water use and take steps to reduce consumption both indoors and outdoors.  Information is available on wise outdoor watering practices, sprinkler care, yard maintenance, car washing and other water consuming activities

Sprinkler System Evaluations
Evaluations are offered during the summer months and consist of a comprehensive assessment of the design, operation and management of your sprinkler system.  Assistance with sprinkler controllers and watering schedules will also be provided.  A brief report outlining general observations of your sprinkler system as well as suggestions for future use will be mailed following the evaluation.  This is a great opportunity to learn ways to save water and money while still maintaining a healthy and attractive landscape.

You can use the Sample Watering Guide for our region to determine how much to water your landscape.  You can also call our Watering Hotline during irrigation season at 541-552-2057 for more weekly specific information.

CLICK HERE to schedule and on site irrigation audit or contact a Water Conservation Specialist at 541-552-2062 or conserve@ashland.or.us

Indoor Water Analysis 
A City Water Conservation Specialist will visit your home to evaluate the efficiency of your plumbing fixtures and will replace the shower heads, faucet aerators, and supply you with other tools to reduce water used, if needed.

A homeowner can estimate water consumption from various indoor sources using the Indoor Water Use Table.  The guide contains estimated water use rates of different ages and types of toilets, showers, kitchen and bathroom faucets, etc and includes estimates based on household size.

Smart Controller Rebate 
A rebate is being offered for the installation of a WaterSense Labeled Smart Irrigation Controller. $200 for Residential and $250 for HOAs and commercial facilities.

Lawn Replacement Rebate  A rebate is being offered by the City of Ashland for the removal of live, maintained and irrigated lawn that is replaced with climate appropriate, low water use landscapes and efficient irrigation systems.

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