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Downtown Parking and Circulation Hot Topic

Why is the City studying parking, circulation and multi-modal in the downtown?

The City Council adopted the new Transportation System Plan (TSP)update in 2012.
The goals and examples of the TSP update are as follows:

Goal #1 Create a green template for other communities in the state and nation to follow.
  Objectives: Create a prioritized list of active transportation green projects that reduce the  number of auto trips, auto trip length and vehicle emissions.

Goal #2 Make Safety a priority for all modes of travel.
  Objectives: Strategically plan for safety and operational improvements for bicyclist and pedestrians. Coordinate with safe routes to school plans for local schools including Southern Oregon University.

Goal #3 Maintain small-town character, support economic prosperity and accommodate future growth.
  Objectives: Consider modal equity when integrating land use and transportation to provide travel options for system users. Develop an integrated land use and transportation plan to increase the viability of active transportation.

Goal #4 Create a system-wide balance for serving and facilitating pedestrian, bicycle, rail, air transit, and vehicular traffic in terms of mobility and access within the City of Ashland.
  Objectives: Identify ways to improve street connectivity to provide additional travel routes to the state highways for bicyclist, pedestrians, and autos. Upgrade pedestrian facilities to ADA compliant standards. Identify ways to provide sufficient levels of mobility and accessibility for autos while making minimal investment in new automobile focused infrastructure.
To accomplish this task the Mayor appointed an ad hoc committee to study this. The committee was formed in November, 2013 and has been meeting monthly on the first Wednesday of each month from 3:30-5:30 p.m.

The Chamber recently held a question and answer meeting at their June 1, 2016 meeting. Those questions and answers can be found by clicking here.

Further documents can be found under the committee's homepage or by clicking here.

If you have any questions please contact the Public Works Department at 541-488-5587.

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